How to become a Fashion Designer

How to become a Fashion Designer


Today, most of the youngsters are dreaming about to make a career in the fashion industry and fashion designing is one of the most demanding career option among them. This is the career which opens the doors of the glamorous world and gives a chance to work with the famous celebrities.

Fashion designing is an art that is devoted to the designing of clothing and lifestyle accessories. It is a combination of the skills of drawing, designing, and sewing. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and has varied over time and place.

A fashion designer is someone who involved in the complete process of designing from studying the trends, sketching, material selection and sewing. 

What a fashion designer do?
  • Study the latest fashion trends in the industry
  • Deciding the theme of the collection
  • Creating sketches of the clothing or accessory design
  • Visiting the manufacturers or trade shows to collect fabric samples
  • Select the fabric, color and style for the garment or accessory
  • Working with the other designers in the team to create the prototype
  • Oversee the complete process and final production of their designs
  • Marketing the final product to retailers


A degree in fashion designing is must to pursue this career. You can also choose to graduate in art and design, textile or fashion marketing and buying etc. Along with that, you should join courses to learn sewing, drawing and related computer software.
There are many fashion designing institutes also that offers certification and diploma courses also for the aspirants.

Skills Required

The top skills that a fashion designer must have to succeed and beat the competition:
1. Highly Creative and sense of designing, color, and texture
2. Good Communication skills
3. Strong drawing skills
4. Good knowledge of materials
5. Strong Sewing skills
6. Team Working skills
7. Latest fashion trends knowledge
8. Quick problem-solving skills
9. Commercial awareness and business orientation
10. Knowledge of different computer design software

The competition in the fashion industry is very high and the growth is comparatively very low, so you need to be working on your skills continuously.

Who should choose this career

It is not a profession that anyone can join after getting a degree or any specific course in fashion designing but it needs some natural skills that no one can teach you. It is a highly creative field and needs creativity, design sense, colour sense, drawing, and sewing. If you have all these then you can try your hand in this industry.

How to be there?

  • Earn a degree (bachelor or master) in fashion designing or any other relevant field.
  • Join courses to earn other required skills like sketching, sewing, computer designing software etc.
  • Start making sketches of designs for your portfolio.
  • Look for an internship or join an already established designer to gain experience.
  • Start your own business, or get a job in an established design house after having some experience.

Work Hours

There are no fixed working hours; you'll often work for long hours and weekends to meet the deadlines like at the time of a new collection launch.


This is a field where no fixed income guarantee, your earnings depends on your work: kind of design and how much people lit that.
A Fashion Designer earns an average salary of Rs 3 lakh to 4 lakh per year. Experience strongly influences pay for this job. Your income gets higher if your designs liked by people and you become famous among them. If you start running your own boutique, then the earning depends on your design popularity and kind of clients you have.


The field of fashion designing is full of opportunities for anyone who has a creative mind and passion for style.
It is considered as one of the most appealing, lucrative and exciting career option today. One can get a job at an in-house design studio with a manufacturing or retailing organization. After having enough experience and if the design gets famous among people, then one can start his own business too.

Pros and Cons

  • Change to show your creativity to the world
  • Fame and money both waiting for creative and hard working people
  • Chance to meet and work with the celebrities
  • Can start your own business
  • Happiness and satisfaction when people love your design
  • Long work hours to meet deadlines
  • Competition is high and career growth is low
  • Always need to stay updated with the latest trends
  • Can face difficult customers


Fashion Designing Career for women

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