Career as a Hair Stylist

Career as a Hair Stylist


Hair stylist as the name suggests is a person who helps the people to achieve a specific look. They are responsible for cutting and styling the hair. Hair stylists use a variety of styling techniques to change or maintain a client's hairstyle such as coloring, bleaching, cutting, straightening and highlighting hair. They also recommend products and techniques that help with hair maintenance.

Hair stylists often begin with a consultation to determine the needs of a client before deciding which treatment method to take. After styling, they may give advice on how to maintain the look at home. The knowledge about types of hair, their requirements, and treatment based on those requirements is what every hairstylist is expected to have.

Day to day job of hair stylist:
Shampoo, cut, colour and style hair
Aware clients about their hair texture and Suggest hair care tips
Treat client's hair and scalp
Offer some specialized hair treatments to the clients


There is no formal education required to become a hair stylist in India, but it required not only professional expertise, but also a great deal of practical training to get success in this career. Nowadays, many popular Salons and Institutes that offers certificate courses in Hair Styling and Designing. Popular hair stylists in India like Javed Habib, Shehnaz Hussain, Bharti Taneza, Vandana Luthra, Nalini and Yasmin have their own Institutes where they are offering courses ranging from 1 month to 1 year duration.
Minimum education required to pursue these courses is 12th pass or some offers after 10th also. A hair stylist should continue their education throughout their careers to stay current with technology and hair styling trends.

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Skills Required

A hair stylist should have the following skills for a successful career:
  • Creative: The creativeness is the key factor in this profession. You should not fear to experiment with the looks.
  • Fashion Understanding: A natural understanding of fashion and art will help you move forward in this profession.
  • Styling Techniques: Must have a strong understanding and knowledge of different hair styling techniques.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good listening ability: Hair stylists need to be good listeners to fulfil the needs of the client
  • Should be good at persuading people
  • Patience and tolerance: These are mandatory to tackle different kinds of customers.
  • Sales skills: Sales skills are helpful as well, because salons often make a profit from the hair care products they sell.
  • Friendly and professional attitude

How to be there?

If you want to join this career, then:

1. Complete your education at least 12th

2. Join any reputed institute for a professional course

3. After completing the course join an existing hair stylist or salon to get practical experience

4. After that you can start your own salon or can continue your job

Work Hours

Working hours and conditions for hairdressers and stylists vary depending on the salon where they are employed. Hairdressers & stylists working full time will generally work up to 40 hours in a week, which will usually include working on Saturdays & Sundays. If you are working with models or film and television industry, then it'll depend on the shooting schedule.


Generally, a beginner can get a monthly salary of Rs 5,000 to 10,000 and if you got training from a reputed brand then it can be up to 15,000. The higher the experience, the higher is the salary in this field.


As today, people are getting more fashionable, giving more attention to their look, our fashion industry and film and television industry is growing day by day, with all these the demand for hair stylist also growing. There is lots of scope for experts in this field.
A hair stylist can get a job in a salon/ beauty parlour/cosmetics manufacturing company/health club or in television and film industry. After having a good experience they can become self-employed.

Pros and Cons

  • Flexible working hours
  • Handsome and controlled income after having a good experience
  • Good job prospects
  • Freedom to express your creativity
  • Many job options or you can become self employed too
  • Comfortable working environment
  • Need time to established yourself
  • Sometimes you feel underpaid as some salons don't offer good salary and other perks
  • Sometime handling tough client can give you a headache
  • Working on weekends as most of people go to salons only on weekends
  • High competition


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