Image consultant as a career

Image consultant as a career


Image consultant helps people in making or updating their professional or personal appearance. Your appearance like the way you dress, the ways you talk and behave with others make an impression. 

An image consultant's job is to assess and evaluate the client, make recommendations to make a good image according to his/her professional and personal life. The image consultants work on the look, hair, makeup, body language, etiquette, communication skills and behavior of their clients.  

People take help of image consultants to success like to land a new job, for a better professional look, to look impressive in meetings and parties, models and actors take their help to improve their look and get work etc. 


There is no specific qualification required to pursue this career. There are training programs or short-term courses offered by different institutes that one can join to enter in this field.
A degree or diploma or any kind of experience in any of the following can be useful for this career:
Fashion and styling
Business consultancy
Training and coaching
Sales or Marketing

Skills Required

An image consultant must have:
  • A good sense of style, makeup, hair and latest fashion trends
  • Good communication skills to tackle clients and put them at ease
  • Good listening skills
  • The ability to influence client in a positive manner and boost their confidence in the change
  • Self motivated and positive approach
  • Optimistic and a good presenter
  • Networking skills because this will help in growing your business and make more clients

Who should choose this career

It is a career for those who have a good sense of fashion, styling and have the ability to connect with people and influence them in a positive way. To get success in this field one should have passion, strong desire and a natural talent to help people change their lives.

How to be there?

1. Complete your education, like get a degree or PG degree and if you decided early to join this career then good to go have a degree in fashion or styling or marketing, public relation etc.

2. Join a training program to get detailed knowledge

3. Gain experience by working in the field like public relation, fashion marketing etc.

4. Do networking as much as possible because it's the only way to get started in this field and get more clients

Work Hours

Your working hours depends on the number of clients. But it's not like only a 5 day a week job, you may need to work in evening, late night or weekends too. You may need to travel to meet clients.


The earning in this field depends on your clients. Normally the image consultant charge based on per hour or if it's for a group like corporate training, then it can be per day or per participant.
If you are working with an agency then you got a salary and it can be anywhere between 3 to 5 lakh for a beginner.


It is one of the hottest career options today and will grow rapidly. It is also known as a fashion stylist, makeover consultant. Today everyone is conscious about their image for various reasons like for success, for good looking in meeting or parties, for change their image or for a positive impression on others.
There are different areas in this field also among one can choose to expert like clothing, social etiquette or public speaking. One could work for a large, international agency or can choose to work independently.

Pros and Cons

  • Chance to meet different kind of personalities like businessmen, celebrities, politicians etc.
  • Handsome earning
  • Happiness of helping people in getting success
  • Lots of hard work involved, need to work on weekends too
  • Need to stay updated always with the latest trends


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