10 tips to get success in Skype interview

10 tips to get success in Skype interview

Interviews in the old days happened only in-person. But later, one other way emerged, telephone interview - which is the employer used to filter the candidates and only the candidates show clear this round called for the in-person round. It'll save the time and cost both. Nowadays, one more way is getting popular - skype interview or remote interview. 

It is not exactly in-person, but something like that. You face the interview online. These are getting popular nowadays because it helps employers in connecting with the candidates who can't travel for the in-person round. It also helps them in connecting more candidates and finding the right person for the job. 

So you need to prepare well for the skype interview also. Here we are providing 10 tips to prepare and get success: 

1. Take care of surroundings: 
Choose a quiet place for the interview where nobody can disturb you. Take care of your background, because it is the only thing that they interviewer can see. So choose a place which looks more like a businesslike place. If you are at home, tell everybody the timing of the interview and not to disturb you and keep the home quite as much as possible. 

2. Dress for success: 
Dress like a professional should be for the interview. Do your research about the company and how the employees prefer to dress. It is your upper half that only visible to the interview, but it's better you dress full as it will give you more comfort and confidence. 

3. Check the devices: 
Check all the equipments like computer/laptop, headphone, camera and internet connection, etc. It'll help you in fixing any issue in advance. 

4. Maintain the eye contact: 
Well, in an in-person interview you can see directly in the eye or face of the person but what in skype interview. Don't look at the screen look at the camera instead, that will make your eye contact with the interviewer. 

5. Do the practice: 
No doubt, practice makes perfect. If it's your first skype interview, you better make a run through interview with your friend or colleague. It'll give you more confidence and help in focusing on camera instead of the screen.

6. You can have notes to cheat: 
Yes, you can as the interviewer can only see your background nothing else, so you can keep something with you to cheat like your resume copy, the list of questions that you want to ask in the end etc.

7. Body Language: 
Mind your body language during the call. Think it's like an in-person interview and keep your posture as you should during an in-person round. 

8. Don't run other applications: 
Make sure there should be no other application running on your computer, so nothing can distract you during the call. 

9. Be an active listener: 
During the call keep your all focus on the interviewer, even when they are busy in any discussion with each other. Become an active listener. 

10. Ask questions and right questions: 
Be ready for the part when the interviewer asks "do you have any question to ask?" Ask the right question, don't just ask anything. It'll show you that you are serious about the job and do your research. Prepare your list of questions, if you have no idea then read this: "Top interview questions to ask to interviewer".


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HQ RESUME - Fri 23 Feb 2018

nice work, thanks!

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