Common Interview Questions asked by HR

Common Interview Questions asked by HR

Each company has multiple rounds of interview for any type of job. Number of rounds depends on the job applied and the company hiring process. But there is one common round that candidate need to face for any type of job and any company. That is the HR round. It will be the last round of complete process and your last obstacle into getting the job. Here we are providing some common questions and how you should respond to them. So that you can prepare well yourself:

Que. Tell me something about yourself?
Ans. First & foremost question asked by HR is usually a brief introduction about you while introducing yourself it should not seems to be mug up. Here you can describe your qualifications, career history and skills, mainly keep focus on the skills relevant to the job applied. Candidate should be comfortable confident but not over confident or posing.

Que. What is your experience?
Ans. When asked for experience candidate should be distinctive in total & relevant experience for the position applied for so that they can provide you clear feedback at the end of interview. Candidates emphasizing on total experience rather than relevant experience have more chances to be rejected.

Que. What makes you happy?
Ans. When asked this question, it means we need to know your psychology & things that can keep you engaged in our organization so don't hesitate to provide 4-5 things which excite & motivates you on workplace.

Que. Why you want to leave your current company?
Ans. Candidates may have different reasons to leave a company but we are curious to know if our culture may have that reasons or would the candidate adjust to our culture. What kind of relations the candidate has with previous organization? What may lead to frustrations or to move from current organization? So candidate should clearly specify reasons as it may happen other organization can have same culture. 

Que. Why should we hire you?
Ans. The main purpose of asking this question is to know "What makes you best fit for this job?" To answer this question, candidate should focus on the skills and the accomplishment that are relevant to this job. Be confident and true, show your interest to work with company. 

Que. Are you willing to relocate?
Ans. Most of the candidate says yes in the answer but when in practical sphere they may or may not be ready to relocate so it leads to wastage of time & negative recommendation/feedback of the candidates. So don't say yet until you are really able to relocate if shortlisted. 

Que. Where you found yourself in next five years?
Ans.  The reason to question is, the employer want to know how long you can stay with them.  The best way to answer this is to relate your answer with current job and company and any other related position in the same field and skills. Don't answer anything that is not related to the job you applying for. 

Que. What is your current & expected salary?
Ans.  Although every candidate know how to respond this question as they have experience but some as tells a lie about current package get rejected automatically as all companies asks for salary proof these days. Most irritating answer we get these days that I had increment or appraisal due with current company & that's why we were expecting this much but it leads to rejection especially when we have other options.  Candidate needs to be genuine.

Bonus Questions:

Other than the above questions, during this round you may ask following questions that require some thought to answer:
1. What are your weaknesses and strengths?
2. How good are you working with other people?
3. How do you handle pressure?
4. Would you like to ask anything to us?


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