Things to do and not to do during the interview

Things to do and not to do during the interview

During the interview, the interviewer checks not only your knowledge and skills required for the job but they noticed other things also like your attitude, behaviour, body language, etc. So you have to be careful during the interview for these aspects also. Here we are providing some do and not to do things during the interview. These will help you in grabbing your dream job.

  • Dress properly, find the location and reach before 10-15 minutes before time.
  • Keep your mobile on silent or switch off. 
  • Make a proper eye contact: It's important to make a proper eye contact during the interview with the interviewer. It'll show you more confident and leave a good impression. If there is more than one interviewer available, then don't just focus on one. Keep changing your focus on all.
  • Sit properly: Mind your sitting posture also. Sit still as much as possible and avoid fidgeting and slouching
  • Listen carefully: Listen carefully each question so you don't need to ask again and again. It'll show that you are a good listener and also serious about the job.
  • keep your answers focused on what you can do for the employer, not what they can do for you
  • Ask Again: If you don't understand any question properly or have any doubt in mind then make it clear before answering the question instead of giving answer based on your assumptions.
  • Ask questions: In the end, the interviewer will ask "Do you want to ask anything?"  Prepare your list of questions for interview advance and don't ask questions just like that. Ask such questions that will show your interest and seriousness toward the job and the company.
  • Make Notes:  It's important to make notes after the interview of important things happened during the interview. It'll help you prepare well for the next interview if the luck not with you this time.

Not To Do:
  • Don't be late or reach too early.
  • Don't dress casually
  • Don't attend phone calls: Taking phone calls during the interview have a huge negative impact and the interviewer will reject you at immediately. Better to keep you phone switched off.
  • Don't answer in hurry any question: Understand the question and think for a moment, then answer. 
  • Don't make any negative statement about current or previous employer. It'll make a negative impact.
  • Don't answer if don't know: If you don't know the answer of any question then simple say it. Don't try to answer or waste time in thinking the answer.
  • Don't make any negative statement about yourself. Always focus on positive things and don't make apologies for what you don't have in the background. 
  • Don't show or act like you are desperate for a job and take any job.
  • Don't show any sign of frustration or negative attitude during the interview. 
  • Don't argue with the interviewer, no matter what. Try to keep the things positive.

These rules apply for all job interviews, not matter the industry or job types.  Do your research before the interview to clear all doubts and prepare well for the interview. Above all, preparation is the key to success.
Best of luck


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