X-Ray Technician


X-Ray Technicians are trained to use X-ray equipment for creating images of a patient's internal anatomy. These images are used by doctors and specialists to aid in diagnosis of illness and injuries.
X-Ray technicians are trained to a proficiency level whereby they are able to comply with safety regulations involved in the use of X-ray equipment while on the job.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Monitor equipment and ensure that they are clean to perform appropriate diagnosis.
  • Evaluate all X-ray films and coordinate with physicians on same.
  • Provide highest quality of patient care
  • Maintain records of all X-rays.
  • Prepare and update logbook and register patient number, X-ray procedure and date of procedure.
  • Ensure and maintain records of X-ray films and associate cassettes.
  • Schedule appointments for patients appropriate X-ray clinics.
  • Assist patients to prepare for X-ray and operate associate machinery.
  • Manage and operate x-ray machine according to patient specification.
  • Evaluate angle and range of equipment and assist in appropriate results.



Course Duration:

1 Year

Course Fee:



Medical Paramedical Health Care Technician Course After 12

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