blitz institute of creative arts (BICA)

blitz institute of creative arts (BICA)

varanasi , Uttar Pradesh

Man is said to be a thinking being by nature he is governed by basic instincts namely contemplation, willingness to do somethings. Thoughts and ideas, thus he is considered to be the Best of God creation. God endowed man with a mind which is fountain head of ideas. Every man thinks but noble ideas originate in the mind of great man.

Looking at the ideology behind the Institutes no other motto could have been more be fitting than Education for Development. The BICA has lived up to its motto. 

The students of BICA have really risen. The BICA flag high touches the blue sky. The staff members are striving hard to inculcate in the students the human values along with a scientific attitude & approach towards life.

So, we have some magic formula that will open the gate of the golden future for you? No, we do not. There is no substitute for all the hard work that you & you alone must put in. What we do have is the knowledge and the experience. Your knowledge will tell you how to channelize your efforts & how to focus your attention so that you're able to achieve maximum in minimum time. Your experience will that you through so many simulations that when you face the real world you will have the confidence on being on the familiar ground.

We are glad that our family of successful students & professionals keeps expanding. However, our instructors, industry experts & resource person have a narrower focus. One the success of every individual students, we have a simple definition for our success: When you succeed, we succeed.

It is a duty of each & every one of us to see that the learners coming out of the portals of this esteemed institution are ready to meet the challenges of life & to become the pride of nation.
You are indeed determined to enter the world of opportunities.

Courses offered :

Fashion Design, Interior Design, Textile design

Contact details :

Name: pankaj
Phone Number: 09415269612
Email ID:
Website URL
Address bhelupur, varanasi , Uttar Pradesh


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