M.Com Course

This is one of the prestigious courses in the country. The Alumni of this course are well placed in business, academics and administration in the country and abroad. The programme is well received


Management & Computer Courses have a lot of scope these days. MBA is the most widely studied subjects in the world. Only because they get people better jobs and potential. The corporate world.

MBA in Airline And Airport Management

Airport management is the management of the entire functions of the airport.

MBA Logistics And Supply Chain Management

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the most comprehensive curriculum prepared and validated by experts in the industry. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program, designed

MBA in Banking Finance & Marketing (with integrated International CFA curriculum)

Unlike a general MBA Degree program, Institute of Banking & Finance offers a specialized MBA course, which starts with the most important areas of banking

Courses for Wildlife Photography

If you want to be a wildlife photographer, then you should do any specified course that will give you the proficiency in photography and teach you about wildlife photography. Find the list of institutes that offer these course.

Courses for a career in Journalism in India

If you dream about a career in sports journalism then you need to do specific courses and get sharpen some of your skills like writing and communication skills. We are providing a list of specific courses for journalism.