Interior Design

In this we do Interior as well as Architectural Design. Residency, commercial, bungalow,, offices, flat, all type of interior work we are teaching. With the help of software.

Fashion Designing

In fashion design you have to learn Pre production i.e. how you create a design, cutting and stitching, Men's wear, Women's wear, kid's wear also digital part of fashion i.e. Digital fashion Designing

Courses For Footwear Designing

Footwear designing industry is growing and so the career options in this field. If you are thinking about to join this industry, then you have to choose the right path and right course for this. List of top courses for a career in footwear designing

BSc - Fashion Leather Accessory Design

The three-years programme is focused on concept building in the area of Fashion Leather Accessory (Goods & Garments) Designing, Manufacturing Technology and Management. Students are offered specialization in Designing, Production, and Merchandising.

M.Sc. (Creative Design & CAD OR CAM)

This programme is intended to groom modern designers who are capable of taking the challenges as product visualizers, concept developers, and designers.

M.Sc. (Footwear Design & Production)

The two-years programme is focused on concept building in the area of Footwear Manufacturing Technology and its Management. Career opportunities in Production & Planning, Designing, Footwear Fashion/Styling and CAD/CAM Specialist, Marketing and more

B.Sc. Footwear Design & Production

The aim of the programme is to create manpower in the field of footwear Design, Production and Merchandising to fulfill the demand of the rapidly growing international and domestic business.

Courses for Graphic Designing

There are several courses that can help you in making a career in Graphic Design. Bachelor degree in Graphic Design is a must but if you already done your bachelor degree in other field then you can do some other courses for graphic designing.

Jewellery Designing

We at Aonline Offer interactive designing courses in 2D and 3D Jewellry Designing. For 3D Jewelery Designing we teach you JewelCAD/CAM. You could be in any part of the globe, India, UK, China, Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Belgium, Thailand, etc.