Certified Sports Nutritionist


The K11 Certified Sports Nutritionist (CSN) Course is specially designed to help qualified Nutritionists, Personal Trainers/ Gym Instructors and Group Fitness Instructors obtain the knowledge required to prescribe Nutrition Plans for active, exercising individuals & even competitive athletes.

This Nutrition Course provides in-depth knowledge on food selection, macronutrient ratios, micronutrients and human physiology related to digestion and metabolism of food. It is about learning Nutrition that is geared towards optimal performance & body composition.

Knowledge of Nutrition along with exercise provides Fitness Professionals complete hold over results. It is a fact that exercise is ineffective in delivering results without it being complemented by sound nutrition. Once both knowledge bases of Exercise Science and Performance Nutrition are applied, results in clients are assured and the logical conclusion of that is a thriving practice for a Fitness Professionals and a dual source of income. Whatever is the personal goal, body composition, metabolism, mindset or specific fitness requirement, the diet prescribed must always be geared towards supporting muscle hypertrophy, loss of body fat and maximizing optimally sustained energy. The diet must also accomplish proper insulin management so that the individual is protected from the damaging effects of sugar. The Certified Sports Nutritionist Course will guide you on how to design and prescribe diets that perform all of these functions.

The K11 Certified Sports Nutritionist (CSN) is the most up to date and cutting edge course in the Industry.


HSC or Equivalent Certification

Course Duration:

6 Months

Course Fee:

INR 57500/- (inclusive of Course Fees - INR 50000, Registration Fees - INR 5,000 and CPR & AED - INR 1200)


Diploma Certification Training Sports

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