MBA full time with weekend classes


Imperial college of business studies was established in 2007 by the alumni of ISB, a distinguished educationalist and visionary with a single minded approach to professionalize the mainstream education and bring the corporate closer to academics. Starting from a finishing school it has grown to be a conglomerate of a number of divisions serving the need of students as well as professionals looking out for a successful career ahead. The focus of Imperial College of business studies is to bring innovative methods.

Mission:The Mission of imperial college of business studies is to improve the quality of graduates as well as employed personnel through provision of on time, flexible, off-campus and demand driven education that incorporates values, competence, skills and knowledge for a positive transformation. Vision:To be the center of excellent education, research and training. To provide human resource of exceptional managerial skills to serve the organizational needs. To educate and develop citizens and promote new knowledge to benefit the corporate environment. 

Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Financial Management
Operations Management
International Business
Information System

we also have full time and part time  MBA with or without classes.We also Offer MA,MCOM,MCA,BA,BCOM,BCA,BBM .


any graduate

Course Duration:

2 Years


Master Degree MBA

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