Career as a Corporate Communicator

Career as a Corporate Communicator


Corporate communication:

Corporate communication is a way to communicate internally and externally into an organization. Internal communication is the flow of information between different departments of the organization for a smooth functioning. External communication is the flow of information to people outside the organization like customers, vendor, stakeholders etc. Corporate communication includes advertising, public relation, internal communication, investor relations, crisis management, brand management, press release and event organizing etc.

Here enters the corporate communicator or corporate communication manager.  As an individual, corporate communicator represents the organization, he/she is responsible to make the brand and status of the organization. We can say that he/she is the face of the company.

Major responsibilities of a corporate communicator include:

  • Developing and executing the communication strategies for organization.
  • Supervising and maintaining the status of the organization.
  • Ensuring effective communication between all departments for smooth functioning
  • Conduction internal and external communication events like conference, group meeting or business promotion campaign etc.
  • Preparing newsletter, press release, company brochure, website content etc.
  • Preparing content for social media to promote company products and services.
  • Leading the media handling, proactively placing good news stories, dealing with enquiries.
  • Producing high quality information services.
  • Leading public relations, including customer services.
  • Issue management and planning.
  • Engaging in business promotion campaigns.

So by reading above responsibilities, you can understand that corporate communicator is the person who creates the company brand and status. He/she is the person, who let the world know about the company, future planning of company, current status and activities of the company, its services and products etc.

The best thing about this career is that this is not restricted to a specific industry. 


At least graduation is must but if you have a degree in MBA or Mass Communication or any other degree with journalism or public relation or communication management can give you a head start in this field.

Skills Required

A degree is just an educational requirement, but to get success in this field, one should have following personal skills also:
  • Excellent communication skills(written and spoken both)
  • Attractive personality
  • Innovative thinking
  • Excellent networking skills
  • Strong general knowledge skills
  • Management skills
  • Effective pressure handling
  • Ability to work with team and individually
  • Ability and confidence to face new challenges
  • Ability to recognize sensitive situations and act appropriately
  • Must know each and every information about company either small or big

Who should choose this career

Anyone who likes to meet and connect with new people, have excellent communication skills, has attractive personality, then this is the career for you.


The pay depends on the organisation and the experience of the person. At the beginning, with a degree and excellent required skills one can get 2-3 lakhs per annum. After an experience of 3-4 years, the annual income can go up to 5-6 lakhs.


With increasing global competition the demand of an effective corporate communication is also increasing. Not only the companies but NGOs also looking the professionals who can project their development work to public. This will help them in fund raising from public and government.
The large firms may have fully fledged corporate communication department that works on their communication objectives and it may consist of various departments like public relations, advertising, investor relations, employee relations, community relations, media relations, marketing communication and management communications. But one thing is sure; the demand of corporate communication is increasing. So if you have all the required skills then don't hesitate just get ready and jump into. Jobs are available in all kinds of organizations like government, commercial and non-commercial etc.


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