Career as a Mobile Application Developer

Career as a Mobile Application Developer


Mobile application developer is a software engineer / programmer who creates apps for mobiles. There are different platform (OS) based mobiles available in the market such as Android, iOS, windows and BlackBerry. Each type of mobile has its own environment and programming language to develop mobile applications. 

Anyone who is interested in this field has to choose the Operating System or platform and learn programming languages accordingly. Following is the list of mobile Platforms (OSes) and related programming language:

Platform         Language        Development Environment

Android         Java                 Eclipse
Ios (Apple)         Objective C         Xcode
RIM (BlackBerry) Java                 Eclipse
Windows C#                 Visual Studio
Symbian         C++                  -

Above list only shows the core languages needed for each platform. You have to learn other web languages/framework also to master as a Mobile application developer like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery Mobile, Angular JS, Sencha Touch etc.

One can choose a single platform to get expertise or multiple platforms. Android and iOS cover most of the mobile market so anyone who is looking a career in this field must go for master in these or any one of them. But in the beginning one should go for only one platform and master in this. Later he/she can learn another platform skill and expand their expertise areas.

Responsibilities of a Mobile application developer:

  • Design and build advanced mobile application
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams
  • Work with outside data source and API's
  • Unit-test code for highly secure and bug free app
  • Work on bug fixing and improving application performance
  • Providing support to published apps


Degree in computer science like BCA, MCA, B.Tech or M. Tech is preferred by most of the companies. Along with this, a mobile application development specialized course from a reputed institute can give a head start to your job search.

Skills Required

The strong knowledge of related programming language like objective C, C#, Java, Angular JS, HTML5 etc., depend on the platform you choose is a must. But with the related programming skills and other required framework knowledge, following skills are also considered by the hiring manager:

  • Should have strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming concepts.
  • Should have knowledge of Database like SQL server, My SQL or NO SQL etc.
  • Should have knowledge of NUnit testing.
  • Should have knowledge of using different plug-in within the development environment.
  • Should have strong skills to all types of API Integration.
  • Good communication skills as they may need to work with client sometimes.

How to be there?

Anyone who wants to become a Mobile Application Developer can follow the path mentioned below:

  • Get a degree (UG / PG) in computer engineering like BCA, MCA, B .Tech or M. Tech.
  • Learn the basic of programming like HTML, CSS, JS, OOPS etc.
  • Choose one platform for Mobile Application Development like Android, Ios, BlackBerry, Windows etc.
  • Learn the framework / working environment and core programming language of the chosen platform.
  • Create a few sample apps to show to employers.
  • Start applying for jobs.

Work Hours

Generally, this is a 9 hours job and 5 days a week, but it again depends on the company. But in software field you have to always ready for long working hours and work on weekends also in case of client requirements or any production issue occurred. If you choose to work as a freelancer, then it's upon you.


The average salary for app developers is between Rs. 25000 to 35000 Per Month. It depends on your experience and skills. The highest paid skills are Objective C, C# and Java. It also depends on the company, you can get high salary and other perks in a big and famous company as compare to a small or a start up company.


Mobile apps development field is on its boom and it will be in coming years also. All banks go mobile, all business moving on mobile platform, e-commerce are now became m-commerce, as the smart phone user increasing mobile games demand increasing, apps for business use, personal use and work management etc. are in demand. The future is mobile.
There are lots of jobs and opportunities available in this field. Most of the software companies now working in this field and hiring. After gaining experience and get master in these skills, you can start freelancing work also. There are many websites that provide projects for freelance.
There is still the more demand and less supply condition in the mobile application development market. So if you are thinking about to move, than stop thinking and start acting. Mobile application development is one of the most demanded and fastest growing IT career paths.


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