Career as a Graphic Designer

Career as a Graphic Designer


Graphic Design is an art of visual communication through the combination of images, typography and motion graphics. Some examples of graphic designs are advertisement in newspapers or magazines, products package, brochure design, newsletter, poster etc.

A Graphic Designer is a professional, who is an expert in assembling the images, typography and motion graphics to communicate an idea to audience. Their job is to develop creative ideas and concepts, choose the appropriate media and style to meet the client requirements. A graphic designer has to use a variety of design elements to achieve artistic or decorative effects. The basic job of a graphic designer is through the use of images, text and colours, convert the statistical data into a visual graphic and diagrams.

A graphic design duty includes:
  1. Meeting with client or art director to discuss and gather requirements
  2. Advise clients or art director on strategies to reach a targeted audience
  3. Select colours, images, text, fonts and layout for design
  4. Create design using images or typography to convey the message
  5. Present the design to client or art director for approval
  6. Incorporate changes recommended by client or art director
  7. Review design for any error before print or publish

Note: To stay competitive, a graphic designer needs to keep up to date with latest technology and software.


Bachelor degree in graphic design or related field is a must and if you have done any multimedia course from a reputed institute, it can give a jump-start to your career.

Skills Required

One must be proficient in photoshop, illustrator and the knowledge of inDesign, QuarkXPress and coreldraw will be an advantage. Other than these technical skills, a designer must have the following skills:

1. Strong communication skills

2. Time management skills

3. Multitask handling

4. Analytical skills to review their work on the perspective of client

5. Should be creative to create new ideas for design

How to be there?

Students who are interested in graphic designing should take art and design courses in high school if available. After that they can go for a bachelor degree in graphic design or related field. If you have degree in any other field then you can do any specialized graphic design course from a reputed institute.

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After completing the required education for a graphic designer:

1. Choose the industry you want to work like software, print or electronic media.

2. Acquire the knowledge of required tools like photoshop, illustrator etc.

3. Prepare some sample design for your portfolio. Online portfolio will be a great advantage these days.

4. Prepare yourself for the interview

5. Start applying for the jobs

Work Hours

Graphic design work is mostly a time bound job and in most cases a person has to work independently, defining working hours for a Graphic Designer is a bit difficult. It depends on the kind of industry you joined or if you choose to work as a freelancer then it's all depend on you.


If you are a fresher then you can get a pay package of Rs. 10000 to 20000. If you are an experience person than the pay scale depends on your experience, quality of your work, industry you choose and the organization you are working in. Sometimes for the same kind/level of job, different company offers different packages.


A graphic design work required for a large number of products or activities like website, advertisement, books, magazines, poster, brochure, computer game, product package etc. As the media industry is growing day by day and the user of graphic design in other industry also getting popular, a graphic designer has lots option to choose from. He/she can also work as freelancer or join a company.


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