Air traffic controller

Air traffic controller


Air traffic controller guides the planes for the safe and orderly take off, landing and en route navigation. Usually stationed in air traffic control centers and control towers on the ground, they monitor the position, speed, and altitude of aircraft in their assigned airspace visually and by radar, and give directions to the pilots by radio.

They assist not only the flights taking off or landing but those flights that flying in the airspace in that area also. Their main duty is to ensure that planes take off, travel and land safely.

Role and Responsibilities:
  • Monitor and direct the movement of aircraft on the ground and in the air
  • Issue the instructions to the pilot while landing or take off
  • Direct the pilots while en route to their destinations
  • Control all ground traffic at airports, including baggage vehicles and airport workers
  • Provide information to pilots, such as weather updates, runway closures, and other critical information
  • Alert airport response staff in the event of an aircraft emergency
  • Checking weather statistics at both the airports before the flight takes off


A full-time science degree (B.Sc) with Physics and Mathematics
A full-time Engineering/Technology degree (BE/B.Tech) with electronics, telecommunication, radio engineering or electrical and minimum 60% marks from a reputed institution.

Age Limit: 21 Years to 27 Years

Skills Required

Top skills an Air Traffic controller must have:
  • Strong communication skills
  • Mathematic Skills
  • Quick Decision Making skills
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Ability to work calmly under pressure

How to be there?

  • Get the required degree in science or engineering
  • Pass Air Traffic Standardized Aptitude Test (AT-SAT)
  • Complete 2-5 months training at FAA Academy

The complete details regarding the recruitment are also published on AAI's official website:

Work Hours

They need to work full time and sometimes additional hours too. As most of the international airports operate 24/7, so they need to rotate the shifts too, Day, Evening or night. Even they need to work on weekends and holidays too.


The salary of an Air Traffic Controller varies, mostly based on the qualification, experience and the location. The starting position in this job is Junior Executive or JE(ATC), after that assistant manager then manager and senior manager and so on. The salary depends on your position.
The pay scale for junior executive: Rs. 16,400 - 40,500
The pay scale for Assistant Manager: Rs. 20,600 - 46,500
The pay scale for Manager: Rs. 24,900 - 50,500
The pay scale for Senior Manager: Rs. 29100 - 58,000

There are other higher position also and the pay scale also higher for them.
The remuneration will good at the busy airport locations like at different International airports from where flights fly 24/7.


Airports Authority of India (AAI) recruits the ATCOs in India for Civil Aviation Traffic Control & Management. Competition for air traffic controller jobs is expected to be very strong, as many people will apply to a relatively few number of jobs.


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