Social Media Manager - Career Profile

Social Media Manager - Career Profile


In this age of technology, the online presence for any business is necessary. There are many social media platforms available today to connect with people, prospective clients or users and let them know about the product and services etc. 

Social Media Manager is the person who is responsible for developing and led the social media strategies of an organization to boost the social media presence. He is responsible to manage the organization image cohesive way to achieve our marketing goals. The job might include creating social media profiles, managing regular posts and responding to followers or answering to clients.

Day to day responsibilities:
1. Research on what are the current trends on social media 
2. Prepare the social media strategy to meet the business goal
3. Keep an eye on current strategies and changes as per the trends changing
4. Write and schedule text, graphics or video post for different social media networks
5. Responding and communicate with the followers
6. Monitoring the SEO and traffic matrices on a daily basis
7. Stay up-to-date with current technologies and trends in social media, design tools and applications

Top skills required for success:
1. Audience Understanding: What kind of audience you need to target, where you find the in large scale, what kind of content will attract them, a social media manager must have a good understanding of all these. 

2. Better understanding of different social media platforms: Each social media platform needs different type of content like on pinterest or instagram you need to post photos, on you tube you need to post videos, twitter needs small text content with images etc. So you must have a good understand of different kind of available platforms.

3. Research skills: This job is totally depends on researching on what is currently trending and which is the hot social platform right now.

4. Organization skills: There are so many social media platforms and new are coming, so managing all these required great organizing skills.

5. Writing skills: A social media manager must have good writing skills to present your idea in an 
effective manner so that it can get the attention of more and more people.

6. Social media management tools: Manually managing each platform today is not possible, so there are lots of social media management tools available that helps you in managing, scheduling post. So, one must have good knowledge of these tools.

7. Communication skills: Answer to clients or responding the queries needs a good communication skill.


There is no specified education requirement for this career, but most of the employers prefer a degree holder in computer science, marketing or similar. The degree only will not work, knowledge of different social media platforms is essential and you have to be an expert in social media management.
There are many online courses available for social media marketing for those who wants to make a career in this field.

How to be there?

Get the required degree

Join any social media marketing course and sharpen your skills

Create account and develop your network on different social media networks

Start applying jobs

Work Hours

Social media managers work in normal office hours 9 to 6 and 5 days in a week. But sometimes they need to work for long hours or weekend too when need to meet the deadlines or working on a campaign.


The average pay for a Social Media Manager is Rs 338,029 per year ( It depends upon the experience, skills and location.


Social media marketing is a new career avenue that came into existence in the last couple of years, but there is lots of scope in this field in the future as every business is going online nowadays and each business needs a strong online presence to attract more users and clients.


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