Career as a Disc Jockey (DJ)

Career as a Disc Jockey (DJ)


A Disc Jockey or DJ is a person, who plays music at different events and locations like night clubs, discotheques, parties, marriages, radio stations etc for available people. A professional DJ must have the knowledge of different music genre. Along with latest and popular tracks, a DJ must have the knowledge of old and famous tracks also. Along with the knowledge of different music genre, a DJ also should have the knowledge of different techniques to mix music. There are many types of equipment available to combine and mix music. So A DJ must have knowledge of these.

The job of a DJ depends on the location or event like if a DJ is working on a radio station then he play music according to the theme of the program or demand of listeners. If working in a night club or discotheque then he/she needs to understand the mood of the audience and play music accordingly. A DJ not only plays records but he performs different tasks like mixing and manipulation of records. Manipulation of records can be done using different techniques like audio mixing, cueing, beat matching, juggling, cutting, starching etc.

You can divide the DJ in following categories depend on their job:
1. Radio DJ: 
One who you play music on radio programs for listeners. Along with music they entertain the listeners with jokes, news, traffic reports, weather reports etc.
2. Club DJ:
Club DJ plays music in night clubs or discotheques for available crowed.
3. Mobile DJ:
Mobile DJ plays music in marriages, parties or other events to entertain and engage the people.


There is no specified education required to pursue this career and no age bar also. But to become successful, it all required is your passion, dedication and knowledge of different kind of equipment available to combine and mix music. A course in public speaking or mass communication will help you in success.

Skills Required

To become a successful DJ, you should have good music sense, knowledge of different genre of music, how to properly use the equipment to combine and mixing the different soundtracks. A DJ should have ability to easily mix up with crowed and also have the skills to understand the mood of crowed to play music accordingly. Excellent communication skills and attractive personality also helps in career boosting. He/she should have the stamina to cheer up the crowed.

Who should choose this career

This is the right choice for a music lover. This require dedication, passion and really hard efforts to become successful. If music is your passion, you love to play with music then definitely this is right career for you. You need to do hard-work and continue learning the new techniques to stay competent in this field.

How to be there?

There is no specified course or education required. What you need is the passion and dedication toward music. Learn different type of equipment to play with the sound. Make a collection of famous sound tracks and learn the latest techniques of mixing music.
After that you can apply in radio stations, night clubs or discotheque. You can also start as a freelance DJ. It required lots of hard work in the beginning but once you get some contracts and make a place in the heart of the public with your skills then nobody can stop you.

Work Hours

There is no specified time defined for this job. They work irregular and varied hours according to the time slot. If a DJ is working in a radio station than the timing defined by the show timing. The job at a night club or discotheque will be a night job always. If he/she working as a freelancer than the job depends on the event or function he needs to join. Some time they need to work all night or all day also as per the event time schedule.


At early stage, you may earn less but once you build a reputation as DJ money is no bar. One can work on radio station, discotheque or night club at monthly basis or per night basis. Some DJ charges per night and some per hour. The rate depends on your popularity. One can easily earn 5000-10000 per night. The charge depends on the type, size, venue and nature of the event or party.


The demand of a DJ is increasing day by day. The increasing number of radio stations , night clubs and discotheques are also making this is a hot career option. Increasing passion for organizing big and luxurious parties, marriages and other social events also raise the demand of DJ. Earlier people join this as a part time option but later when found it a job that they enjoy and earn as well, turned to full time DJ.
Later, after having experience as a DJ, one can become an event manager or can start own institute of DJ skills or can move in production field with own studio.

Pros and Cons

  • You can make money while having fun
  • Meet more people and travel at different places
  • Get money and fame both
  • Less money in the beginning
  • No fix working hours


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