Career as an Investment or Financial Advisor

Career as an Investment or Financial Advisor


The financial advisor is an expert whose main job is to provide the expert advice to his/her clients regarding how, where and when to invest the money for the best return. They help their clients in making their long and short-term financial goal. Their job includes analyzing the client's financial position, understand their needs and then recommend the best investment for them either it is tax saving, life insurance, health insurance or any other investment plan. 

Day to day responsibilities of a Financial Advisor:
  • Connect with people through phone calls, emails or personal meetings to attract new clients
  • Research on all available investment products and services and recommend to clients as per their needs
  • Analyze the client's financial position and future aims and advise them the best investment options
  • Stay up to date with the financial products and legislations
  • Reviewing and responding to clients changing needs and financial circumstances
  • Keep up to date the current clients with latest developments
  • Keep track of financial market trends and update client portfolio accordingly
  • Review client accounts and record changes
  • Conduct workshops and seminars for clients with the purpose to inform them better about their financial goals and objectives
  • Addressing the clients' complaints and resolving them soonest
  • Performing risk analysis and defining strategies to mitigate them


A bachelor or master degree in finance, accounting or business administration is must for the aspirants.

Skills Required

  • Communication Skills: As they need to work and coordinate with clients on a daily basis, it is an integral part of their job.
  • Analytical Skills: They need to analyze client requirements, analyze the market and the different investment plans to the best advice.
  • Math Skills: The job of financial advising is to play with numbers, so they must be good in math.
  • Selling Skills: their main job is to sell the product or services to their clients.
  • Good at research
  • Problem solving skills

How to be there?

  • First of all, get a bachelor degree in finance, accounting or business administration
  • Get specialized certification for a better and fast career growth
  • If you wants to be in a managerial level position, then you must go for a master degree

Work Hours

Normally it is like 9 to 5 office hours job but, flexibility is also required, as sometimes the client you need to meet will give you time in the evening or weekends. So you have to adjust accordingly.


The salary of a financial advisor depends on the certification, experience, and skills. They just don't have income through a fixed salary, but in this field, they earn through commission too. The more clients they bring more commission they earn.
The average the , the average salary of a financial advisor in India is around Rs. 3 lakh.


Well, in this field your career depends on the experience and skills and number of clients you have. A financial advisor usually gets job in:
1. Banks
2. Building societies
3. Financial planning firms
4. Insurance companies and
5. Investment firms

After having a good experience and if you have a good number of clients in your pocket, then you can start work as an independent financial advisor also.

Pros and Cons

  • Huge earning potential
  • Interaction with different people
  • Flexible working hours
  • Lifetime earning source
  • Must need to develop a client base
  • Confidence and friendliness is must
  • Must need sponsorship from a brokerage company
  • Strong work ethic needed


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