Career as a Call Center Executive

Career as a Call Center Executive


A call center is a centralized office used by various companies to help their clients, listen and register their complaints or request, solve their queries or provide the information they needed by telephone. In other words, we can say that these call centers are used to provide the support to their customers regarding the services or products of the company. 

The person who works in the call center to attend these calls is called Call Center Executive. These call center executives are responsible not only for providing voice-based customer support, but also offering e-CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services, which includes customer support over telephone, e-mail responses, web-based text-chat services and other customer interaction channel.

There are two major types of call center jobs:
1. Inbound Calls:  These are the calls that are made by customers who need help, information or have inquiries, or complaints and agents provide them the required information or answer their queries.
2. Outbound calls: These are calls where agents call potential customers to make a survey, data verification, or a sale.

Duties of a Call Center Executive:
  • Receiving the inbound calls and answering the queries of caller or register their request / complaints.
  • Making outbound calls to potential customers for sale or to follow up.
  • Answering customer emails or web based chat.
  • Research required information using available resources.
  • Take down the customer request and forward to concern department.
  • Manage and resolve customer complaints.
  • Update the existing customer information.
  • Process orders, forms and applications.
  • Enter new customer information into the system.
  • Route the calls to the appropriate resource. 
  • Identify and escalate priority issues.
  • Complete the call log.
  • Produce the Call reports.


There is no specific education required to pursue this career. That's depending on the call center requirements, Graduation, 12th or even some can hire 10th pass also. All call centers have their own training program which they provide to each hired candidate. Knowledge of basic computer softwares is mandatory and anyone with good typing speed is preferred.

Skills Required

One should have:
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good command over language English or any regional language
  • Pleasant and warm attitude
  • Ability to handle pressure and stay calm
  • Good listening skills
  • Strong Problem analysis and solving skills
  • Basic Computer knowledge
  • Customer Service Orientation

Who should choose this career

Anyone who has good command over any language, can speak fluently and confidently with various kinds of people and ready to work in different shifts then you can definitely go for this

How to be there?

Anyone who wants to pursue this career should:

1. Apply for the job openings if their education matched with the requirements

2. Pass the interview

3. Go through the Group Discuss

4. After passing the interview and Group Discussion the candidate will go an internal training program of the Call Center

Work Hours

Usually it is a 9 hours schedule. 8 hours work with 1 hour break in most of the call centers.


A beginner can earn 10k - 15k easily. That's depending on the call center type, international call center pays higher than the national call centers. As your experience grows the salary grow and if you reached management level post, then it can be double or triple.


A new career avenue, in the form of call centers, is established by multinational companies having their business throughout the world to provide online service to their clients. So, there are always numbers of opportunities available for call center executives. They can work in various inbound and outbound call centers. In India, there is great scope to work in call centers. The low cost of maintenance, high pay scale and easy availability of manpower are boosting the rise of such offices and outsource foreign offices in India.

Pros and Cons

  • Fast career growth
  • Handsome salary for beginners
  • No age or education restriction
  • No Dress code for office

  • Repetitive work
  • Higher stress level
  • Work in night shifts
  • No weekend rest


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