Career as a Front End Or UI Developer

Career as a Front End Or UI Developer


When you visit any website on the internet or open any mobile application, whatever you saw on the screen like images, forms, text or video, it is called the front end of that website or mobile app. The person who develops this is called Front End Developer. 

The challenge associated with front end development is that the technology changed frequently, so a developer needs to stay updated. Nowadays, users use different devices with different screen size to open websites like mobile, tablet, laptop, etc. So the developer needs to take care of that also that the website should work properly on all devices. 

Job and responsibilities of a front end developer:
  • Understanding requirements and the design created by design team
  • Make a plan and task list for the work
  • Developing the UI as per the design given
  • Testing the developed product if everything works as it should be or not
  • Deploy the final product on server for QA 
  • Fixing the issues if any

Skills needed to become a front end developer:
1. Technical Skills: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery
These are mandatory to learn to become a front end developer.
2. JavaScript frameworks: Angular JS / Backbone JS / React JS etc.
There are many JS frameworks available. No need to learn all but should have strong knowledge of one or two of them.
3. CSS framework: Bootstrap, Pure CSS etc.
There are many CSS frameworks also available. One should have a strong command over one or two of them.
4. Responsive and mobile design skills
5. Design pattern knowledge
6. Cross browser development
7. Testing and debugging skills
8. Problem solving skills


You must have a bachelor or master degree in computer science/IT like BCA, B. Tech, and MCA OR M. Tech etc.

How to be there?

If you want to pursue this career then:

1. Get a bachelor or master degree in IT/Computer Science(CS) from a reputed institute

2. Join a reputed institute to learn the required skills or you can also join online courses too as today there are many websites that offer online courses

Start looking for jobs

Work Hours

It is a typical 9 hour job and timing depends on the shift you are working in as some companies also working in night shifts. Sometimes you might need to work on extra hours also if any emergency occurred like an issue on production or to fulfill the urgent client requirements.


The average salary for a Beginner Front End Developer in India is around Rs 3.5 to 4 lakh per annum. Higher the experience, higher the salary package you got but not only experience your salary also depends on the skills you have. The highest paying skills associated with this job are React Js, Backbone Js and Angular Js.


Earlier, there was no front end developer only full stack developers were there who do all the tasks like front end, back end and database part also. But as the IT industry is growing and as today users have many options to surf the website and we have mobile apps too. So now the requirement for expert Front End Developers are huge as Developing a UI that attracts people in one glance, work properly on all devices is in high demand.
There is lots of scope for the skilled person and after having a good experience one can become a Team Leader and then a Manager too.


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Mukesh - Fri 17 Nov 2017

Hi Sir, Please suggest me a good Institute in delhi or noida for UI developer course. Also some best online acadamy for this.

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