Career as a Choreographer or the Dance Guru

Career as a Choreographer or the Dance Guru


A Choreographer is a person who creates the steps and moves for a performance of dance. We can also call him Dance Teacher, Dance Composer or Dance Director too.

A choreographer spent most of the time in inventing, editing and practicing routines to ensure that they meet the appropriate level of professionalism and provide entertainment for the audience. He or she must listen intently to the piece of music that is being used, and work out the timing and the feel of the different dance steps.

Choreography is an art; it needs a professional training and years of practices to become a choreographer. There is a symbiotic relationship between dance and music, one has to understand this well to become a successful choreographer.  

Job of a Choreographer:
  • Listen and understand the music than prepare the dance steps for that music
  • Practice the new dance steps and teach the steps to the artist who going to  perform
  • While creating dance steps, he/she need to keep in mind the artist skills who going to perform along with the music. The dance steps should be like that the artist can perform them well.

Skills required:
  • Creative:  He / She must highly creative as they need to make new steps for every performance. 
  • Passion and love for dance: Only those who have a passion and love for dance can succeed in this field. 
  • Music and Dance:  An understanding of the symbiotic relationship between dance and music is essential.
  • Patience
  • Self discipline
  • High level of confidence
  • Good health and stamina
  • Problem solving skills
  • Team Management and ability to work with others
  • Leadership skills
  • Good Communication skills


Though a degree or diploma is not necessary to pursue this career, but nowadays, many universities or colleges offers degree or diploma courses in dance. You can choose any dance genre to specialize. But overall what you need is dance skills and your passion for dance.

Who should choose this career

If you have a passion and love for dance, have creative skills then choreography is the right career for you.

How to be there?

  • Learn dance from a credible choreographer or a reputed dance school
  • Join an established choreographer as an assistance and gain experience
  • After having years of experience, one can start a career as an independent choreographer


The remuneration in this field is very lucrative now and because of this lucrative earning more and more people are coming into this field. Fee is definitely depends on the reputation of the choreographer. But a beginner can easily earn Rs. 15k to 30k per month and an experience choreographer can get 5 to 10 lakh per month too.
One can charge hourly basis or according to the performance. On an average, pay of a choreographer is 1k to 5k per hour or more. It depends on the reputation of the choreographer.


There are many work areas for the choreographer. One can get work in movies, musicals, theaters, reality shows, fashion shows and cultural programs. One can start their own dance academy.
Nowadays, choreographers are also in demand for marriages, parties or fashion choreography.

Pros and Cons

  • Lucrative income
  • Dealing with creative people
  • Dance and exercise together
  • Travelling to new places
  • Need to maintain a high level of fitness
  • Lots of travelling
  • Funding may not come easy for independent productions


Choreographer Dancer Teaching Music

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