Career as a Bank Relationship Manager

Career as a Bank Relationship Manager


The Bank Relationship Manager is responsible for taking care of all administration work of a bank branch. Their job is to make sure that bank's services are at top level and customer feel safe and satisfied. There are no shortcuts in this profession. Only the performance and number of years dedicated to the company can take you on this position and based on your performance you can be promoted to Manager in 2-3 years.

Job and responsibilities of a BRM:
     A relationship manager could work in retail or wholesale banking. As a retail manager, his primary job is to deal with retail customers and help and advise them on various banking services. As a wholesale manager, they would be catering to corporate clients like SME or large corporate clients. RM job is not only to deal with clients but also supervise and guide the other bank employees. They also need to look after the sales team of the bank like training them, checking their files and help them in the better understanding of various policies of the bank.

A Relationship Manager is expected to have good financial knowledge as well as thorough information about his/her company's various offerings in order to identify the need of the customers and advise them accordingly. He/she needs to have an understanding of banking regulations, latest products, and services, specific markets related to the clients he/she is handling. 

Skills required to pursue this career:
  • Good communication skills and listening skills
  • Good administration skills
  • Good representation skills
  • Good Networking capabilities
  • Good Sales and negotiation skills
  • Patience and analytical skills
  • Understanding of Financial/Banking products and services
  • Ability to deal with stress and follow procedures
  • Detail oriented
  • Ability to explain the complex information in a clear and simple way


To pursue this career one needs at least bachelor degree in Business Administration or marketing like BBA. But it's best to go for the master degree (MBA) as most banks prefer the candidate with master degree.

How to be there?

Complete your 12th with commerce or should have Math with other streams.
After 12th get your degree me Business Administration or Management like BBA / BBM etc.
MBA after BBA will make your path easier because many banks prefer the master degree holder then bachelor degree. Even some banks directly recruit the MBA degree holders to this post.

Work Hours

It's the normally banking hours that you need to work on this post. Exceptions are always there, sometimes you may need to work overtime also like at the time of finance year closure etc.


The salary in this sector varies depending on the experience, the location and the bank you are working with. But, an average salary anyone can earn on this post can be 45000 to 55000. In small cities, it can be less and in metro cities, it can be more.


This is a job for 3-4 years, usually after having 3-4 years of experience on this job you will get promoted to Manager Post.

Pros and Cons

  • Good Money
  • Chance to meet different kind of people
  • Good working culture
  • Long working hours
  • Pressure to meet the target


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