Career as a Photojournalist

Career as a Photojournalist


Journalism is a very broad field and has various specializations like sports, film, and television, photo, print, etc. Photojournalism is one of them and it's a very important part of today's journalism.

Photojournalism is a different way of journalism, in this form, the news represents in the form of images or videos. The journalist who works in this form is called photojournalist. Earlier it was referred only to images, but in today's digital world, it includes the videos also.

The photojournalist needs to carry the photography equipment. The primary role of a photojournalist is, photographing, editing and represent the news in a different way. The purpose behind photojournalism is enhancing the news for the reader. There are different fields in Photojournalism like criminal photojournalist, natural calamity photojournalist, political photojournalist, sports photojournalist, fashion/ film photojournalist etc. Choose the field you are interested in.

Job duties of a photojournalist:
  • Take the photos or shoot videos
  • Process and edit the image or video
  • Prepare the caption and heading for the news
  • Prepare the audio to accompany the video
  • Travel from one place to another to capture the incident or event
  • Keep updated about the latest photo technologies
  • Equipped with latest photography equipments
  • Take picture with such impact that it convey the news with a clearly understandable manner 

Skills required for photojournalist:
  • Knowledge of latest photo and video technologies
  • Strong photography skills
  • Knowledge of latest photo editing tools like Photoshop.
  • Quick decision making skills
  • Ability to work across all platforms like broadcast, print, online and social media.
  • Ability to take photos in any situation like to surround with the crowd, on the go, riots or war zone.
  • Ability to work under pressure and any situation


Bachelor or master degree in Journalism or mass communication and a specialization course in photography. The eligibility for the bachelor degree is 10+2 and for master degree, bachelor degree in journalism or mass communication.

Who should choose this career

This is perfect career options who love to travel, photography and adventures. If you are a sports lover you can choose to expertise in sports, if love adventures become a wildlife photographer etc.

How to be there?

  • Get a degree or diploma in journalism / mass communication
  • Join a photography specialization course to learn photography skills and the use of different related equipments
  • Choose the area you want to work like sports, crime, travel photography etc.
  • Hone your photography skills for that particular area
  • Start your website or blog and start posting your photos on it
  • Create your resume and start applying for jobs
  • If choose to work as a freelancer, then make a contact list of all news media houses and start taking photos and sell them to interested media house

Work Hours

Well, this is not a 9 to 5 job, it's a 24/7 job. The situation can occur anytime. One has to be ready on a short notice like a single call or a message and he/she has to on foot.


The average salary of the photojournalist in India is 3 - 6 lacs per annum. It can be more or less, depends on your experience, skills and employment type like working with a publication house as an employee or work as a freelancer. Further, it depends on the area you are working like simple people photographs, sports, crime, war or riots photographs etc.


You can find jobs in different news media like newspaper, television channels, magazines, websites, etc. You can start your own blog, website or YouTube channel too. You can work as a freelancer too, and sell your news to any media house instead of bond with one. But remember, the nature of work and responsibilities won't change either you choose to do a job or work as a freelancer.

Pros and Cons


Opportunity to travel around the world

Opportunity to meet new people

Could work from anywhere

Can work as a freelancer too


Long and odd work hours

Lots of travelling

Need to update with latest technology and with the latest equipments, that costs high

Needs continuous efforts to reach at the level where you can earn handful money


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