Career as a Footwear Designer

Career as a Footwear Designer


Footwear designer is the person, who creates and showcases the design of footwear for various markets. They are kind of fashion designer, who experts in footwear designing, sometimes we call them shoe designer also. Footwear designing is an important part of fashion today and some designer specializes in designing footwear for particular ages, gender, type, etc. like for children's, for men, for women, sports shoes, formal shoes or slippers, footwear for the senior citizen.

Footwear designing is a very creative field, every time; you have to come with new ideas. Each type of category required a different kind of approach, like designing for children's, designing for women and designing for men and what type of footwear you are designing sports, casual, formal or slippers etc.

Job and duties of a Footwear Designer:

  • Keep an eye on the latest trend in the market
  • Create design and sample pattern for different types of footwear
  • Sketching the ideas by hand or using the computer software( CAD / CAM)
  • Attend fashion shows and events
  • Research on new ideas and market trend
  • Making sample for present their ideas
  • Working with other designers on style and trend


You should have at least relevant bachelor degree like fashion designing or footwear designing. This would help you gain design and technical skills needed to work in the industry.

List of courses for footwear designing

Skills Required

To get success in the industry one should have the following skills:
  • An interest in fashion and designing
  • Creative mind
  • Strong drawing skills
  • Knowledge of design related software
  • Ability to pay attention to detail
  • Knowledge of colour combinations and fabric
  • An understanding of footwear production process

Who should choose this career

This is a perfect career option for those, who have the skills mentioned above and have an interest in a career in fashion and designing industry.

How to be there?

Get a degree in fashion / footwear designing

Learn the related computer software like CAD / CAM

Sketch a lot to get expert in hand sketching

Get an internship, which will give you a chance to work with an experience designer and gain experience.

Create your own portfolio

Create your resume

Start applying for the jobs

Work Hours

Normally it's a standard 9 - 5 jobs, but sometimes a designer needs to work for long hours or weekend too, to meet the deadline or preparing samples for buyers or shows.


Initially, one can expect the starting salary somewhere around 15000 - 20000. The international companies can offer a higher package also. After having experience, it totally depends on your experience, expertise, and employer you are working with.


Footwear designer can find jobs in corporate shoe retailers, footwear design companies or they can work as a freelancer too. With growing demand, varieties and choice for footwear the industry is growing, the number of companies in this field is growing, so the career in footwear designing is going to boom.


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