Career as a Wedding Planner

Career as a Wedding Planner


The wedding planner is a professional who helps people with planning and managing their wedding. Weddings are significant events in people's lives and everybody wants to make sure that their wedding is well organized. 
The wedding planner plan and organize the whole wedding from start to finish it includes choose venue, decoration, catering, music, etc. They just don't plan for the wedding day, but they need to plan and manage other related events also.
In the early days, people do it themselves, but now as everybody is very busy and don't have much time to do all, so they hire professional for this. The busy life is not only the reason people hiring a professional, but because a wedding planner knows the ins and outs of the wedding and can help people in managing everything within the budget.

Job and responsibilities of a wedding planner:
  • Meeting with the client to discuss their requirements and budget
  • Prepare plan, wedding theme and discuss with the client for approval
  • Find and rent the venue
  • Hiring the other service providers like photographers, caterers, beautician, florist, DJ etc.
  • Overseeing and make sure everything should go as per plan
  • Make sure the client is kept up to date with the wedding plans
  • Inform each service provider all the details in advance and also remind them a couple of days before the wedding
  • Stay at venue on wedding to supervise everything
  • Prepare a backup plan in case any emergency
  • Making sure cost of everything stay within budget
  • Wrapping up properly after the wedding
  • Dealing with the paperwork, phone calls, emails etc.
  • Updating your website, blog or social media with recent events

Skills Required: To become a wedding planner you need have:
  • Passion and Commitment
  • Excellent organizing skills
  • Creativity and designing skills
  • Ability to do more than one task together
  • Communication and in person skills
  • Quick decision making and problem solving skills
  • Analysis and Negotiation skills
  • The ability to work as a team member
  • Planning and Management skills
  • Knowledge of latest fashion and trends
  • Knowledge of different religions and customs
  • Expert in hospitality, event planning, decorating and wedding trends and traditions
  • Good networking skills


There is no specified education required to become a wedding planner, it's all depend on your passion and personal skills. But a degree or diploma in Event Management or Hospitality can help you in good start and advance your career.

Who should choose this career

If you enjoy meeting people, have good contacts and love organising things, this job could be perfect for you. Other than this, to be successful, you should have creative ideas for the wedding theme, food, and decoration.

How to be there?

To start your career as a wedding planner, you can follow the following route:

1. Get a degree in event management or hospitality

2. Join an established event management firm, hotel or resorts to gain hands-on experience

3. After having a good experience, you can start your own firm or continue with your job

Work Hours

Normally, as a wedding planner, you have to work for longer hours, particularly during the peak wedding seasons. Meeting with clients or vendors can take place anytime or any day. On the wedding, you may work for 12 hours or more as you have to wrap up everything after the wedding also.


The income of a wedding planner totally depends on his firm he/she is working with or if he/she is self employed then its depends on your experience and network, by which how much contracts you can gain.


Most of the wedding planners are self-employed but you can also choose to do a job with wedding planning consultancies, event management companies or hotels. Wedding Planners can get employment in hotels, resorts, event management companies, banquet halls planning special events, bridal shops, caterers, florists, wedding planner firms etc.
After gaining experience you can start your own business.


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