Career as a Sommelier

Career as a Sommelier


A sommelier or wine steward is a highly trained and knowledgeable wine professional, who specialized in all aspects of wine services as well as wine and food pairing.  They also involved in managing inventory flow, creating wine lists for F&B establishment and mentoring other sommeliers.  

The role of a sommelier is about more than just tasting wine, though that certainly is an element. Aside from helping restaurant patrons to select an appropriate wine to have with their meals, sommeliers work with management to help build wine lists that are consistent with the culinary style of the establishment, and are also responsible for the meticulous storage and care of the wines.

It requires blend skills of hospitality, in-depth knowledge of wine and wine tasting skills. A sommelier should know detailed information about wine, including such things as the types of grapes used to make a particular wine, in what region the grapes were grown, the vineyards where the grapes were grown, a wine's rating, and the vintages of various wines.

In India, hospitality is a growing sector and with this scope in this sector also growing. With the globalization and as people travelling all around the world, they are getting engaged with different tradition all over the world and one of them is wine on the dining table. In India also, this is no strange anymore.


There is no specified degree required for it, but a degree in hotel management, focusing on wine will help you advance your career. You can also do a sommelier specification course from a reputed institute. But at the end, you need on-the-job training to start your career as a sommelier.

Who should choose this career

If you love wine and like to taste different types of wine, eager to know about different types of wine around the world then this is a career for you.

How to be there?

Get a degree in Hotel Management from a reputed institute or do a sommelier certification program from a reputed institute. After that, do an on-the-job training to start your career as a sommelier.


At entry level one can earn, 10,000 - 20,000/PM. At mid level the earnings can be around 25,000 - 35000 and for a senior level, it can be 50,000 and more.


As a sommelier, you normally get the job in fine restaurants or hotels. But you can also join wine trade, wine production, import and export of wine, consultant, wine education and training, writer etc.


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I am avinash jaswal . My hotel mangement diploma food craft institude dharmsala nd my expirance 2 year

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