Career as a Fashion Photographer

Career as a Fashion Photographer


A fashion photographer takes photographs of models, clothes and other fashion items for advertisements, fashion magazines and model portfolio. 

A career in fashion photography, sound glamorous, but to pursue this career required a lot of hard work, patience, creative skills, dedication and training. Fashion photographers work with models to shoot the clothing, shoes or other fashion items. They work with different tools and most important of them is a camera. Choice of camera depends on personal preferences and the use.

Jobs and responsibilities of a fashion photographer:
  • Meet with the designers to prepare a unique concept for the photo shoot
  • Schedule the photo shoot
  • Manage finances and keep up with client
  • Directing on set an instructing to models
  • Edit the image to meet the requirements

Skills Required:
As this is a very creative field, to succeed in this field one must have the following skills:
  • Excellent understanding of digital photography
  • Understanding of latest photography equipments
  • Understanding of latest and famous image editing tools like photoshop 
  • Should be creative
  • Must have  a pleasant personality and interpersonal skills to make model comfortable  and relax
  • Must have communication and organization skills to work with a team
  • Time management skills to meet the deadlines
  • Flexibility to travel at different locations at short notice
  • Work effectively under pressure
  • Excellent networking skills

Steps to pursue this career:
If you are dreaming about to be a fashion photographer then follow the following steps to get step into this field: 
1. Learn Photography: Join a professional photography course at any reputed institute and learn the professional photography, handling the latest equipments to pursue this career.

2. Learn the editing skills: Along with photography skills, you have to learn the image editing tools like photoshop as you just don't have click the photos but need to edit them also.

3. Understand fashion: To be creative and competent, you need to understand fashion and fashion industry. This will help you in understanding the latest trends, styles and help you in finding how can you make links and do marketing your work.

4. Join as Assistant Photographer:  This is a field where you need experience to succeed. So in the beginning you should join an already established photographer or fashion house as an assistant photographer. This will let you gain experience and understand the industry.

5. Create your portfolio: Create a portfolio of your best photographs. This will help you in landing a job in a fashion magazine or fashion houses. This will also let others know that you have the skills and can work in this genre. 

6.Get an agent: The agents will help you in promoting your work and land you a job in this competitive field. So after you have a good and impressive portfolio ready, hire an agent to step into this industry.


There is no specified education required to become a fashion photographer, but a UG or PG degree will help you in career development. There are many colleges / institutes that offers professional photography courses, join any course and learn the photography skills to pursue this career.

Who should choose this career

This is a perfect career option for those who have a creative mind and passion about photography. Who love to meet new people and love to travel.

Work Hours

There is no fix working hours and time in this field. It totally depends on the shoot timings. You may have to work in day or night, may need to work for long hours also. You need to travel a lot also as the shoot location can be anywhere as per the client requirements.


The salary of a fashion photographer totally depends on his/her experience, employer and frequency of job. Usually the freelance photographer earns less than those who works with fashion magazine or fashion houses.
But if you master the right skills, gain enough experience, then fame and wealth will follow you.


Fashion photographers may be employed by fashion magazines, advertising agencies or fashion houses. They may also be self employed.

Pros and Cons


1. Fame

2. Money

3. Connection with models and celebrities


1. Lots of hard work

2. Lots of travel

3. Competitions


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