Career as a Software Engineer

Career as a Software Engineer


Nowadays, everybody uses computer, laptop, tablet or smart phones. The programs that you run on your computer or any other device like websites, mobile apps, accounting software etc. are developed by software engineers. We can call them software engineer, software developer, programmer or website developer. 

It is one of the fast-growing occupations and highly paid too. If you get a job in a MNC (Multinational corporation) then you can get chances to go abroad.  

Duties of a Software Engineer include: 
  • Get the user requirements and prepare a document called Software Requirements Specification
  • Make a plan and schedule for the software development
  • Develop the software as per the plan
  • Unit testing to make the software defect free
  • Co-operate and work with the design team to meet the design specifications 
  • Co-operate and work with the QA team to make software reliable and bug free
  • Fix the issues reported by QA team if any
  • Give demo of the developed software to client for final approval
  • Release the developed software to client
  • Maintenance of the developed software if required

The job of a software engineer is very creative and to become a software engineer you should have the following skills:
Programming Languages: This is the first requirement to become a software engineer. You have to be an expert in at least one programming language. There are many programming languages available like PHP, C#, JAVA, Ruby, Objective c, JSP, Python, Pearl etc. Other than these programming languages you should have strong knowledge of CSS, Scripting languages like Java Script, J Query, Angular JS, Node JS, etc.
Database: With programming languages, you must know database languages like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, No Sql, Mongo DB etc.
Analytical Skills: Developers must analyze users' needs and then design software to meet those needs
Communication Skills: Must have strong communication skills as he/she has to frequently communicate with team mates, manager or clients.
Creativity: As mentioned above, it is a very creative field so if you want to stay in completion, you must come up with new creative ideas.
Detail Oriented: Developers often work on many parts of an application or system at the same time and must therefore be able to concentrate and pay attention to detail.
Time Management: As each project in this field is bound to time and extra time means extra cost. So a software engineer must be good at time management.
Team Work: As in this field, most of the time you have to work with a team, so you must have skills to team up with others quickly and work as a team member.
Problem solving skills: Because developers are in charge of software from beginning to end, they must be able to solve problems that arise throughout the design process
Strong learning skills: As the technology is changing every day, on should have strong learning skills to learn new changes in technology. It is necessary to stay in the competition.  


There are many Undergraduate or post graduate courses available in computer science, you can choose any one of them for you to pursue this career. BCA, B.Tech, MCA and M.Tech are most popular in this industry. You have to go through an entrance test to get admission in any of these courses. You can join this industry after a bachelor degree also but then it will a little bit hard for you because most of the company's preferred PG degree holders.

How to be there?

First earn a degree in computer science from a reputed institute.

If you got an admission in a very good reputed college and you are lucky, you can get a job before the completion of your degree through campus placement. Yes, almost all large companies hire fresher through the campus interview. But if you are not so lucky it doesn't mean you can't get job. In this case you have to do more efforts yourself.

The best way to get a job quickly is, choose a programming language like PHP, .Net, Java, Flash etc., get training from any reputed institute and create some sample application. Start applying for job and prepare yourself well for the interview.

Work Hours

Normally it is 9 hours of job mentioned in document of any company, but you have to be ready to work for long hours. Software industry infamous for its long work hour culture and especially at the finishing time of the project or any production issue occurred.
So if you looking a career in this industry then you have to be ready for long working hours.


If software industry is infamous for its long working hours, then it is famous for high paid industry also. Large companies give many other perks also to employees other than salary like cab facilities, lunch or dinner facility, take on tour time to time and also provide good gifts on festivals.

The average salary of beginners can be Rs. 15,000 to 30,000.

The average salary at mid level of experience (3-6 years) can be Rs. 30,000 to 50,000.

The average salary at high level of experience (more than 6 years) can be Rs. 50,000 to 70,000.

The salary depends on your education, experience, company and your responsibility level in the company.


As the software industry is growing day by day as the requirement of experts also growing. Just get expert in any one skill and lots of opportunities are waiting for you. In this field you can choose to work as a programmer, UI designer, testing engineer, DB expert, trainer etc. Teaching line is also open for you. Along with private companies, there are many opportunities available in government sector also, NGOs, educational institutions also have their own development departments.

Pros and Cons

High salary

Changes to go abroad

High class working environment

Long work hours

High pressure of work to meet the deadlines

Required continue learning


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