Career as a Nutritionist

Career as a Nutritionist


A Nutritionist is a person who advice and plan your diet to stay fit and healthy. The need for nutritionists is increasing every day with sedentary lifestyles, high consumption of fast food and other food related health disorders at an all-time high.

What does a Nutritionist do?
A nutritionist's job depends on the working environment like hospitals, schools, fitness centres or sports club etc. Nutritionist frequently works closely with individuals who have medical issues, such as those with diabetes or those undergoing chemotherapy, to help them find the right foods to eat for their best possible health. In fitness centres, they advice the members, what they should eat to stay fit and healthy, to lose or gain weight, etc. In schools they advice and take care of the food given to students to keep them healthy physically and mentally both.

Key responsibilities of a Nutritionist:
  • Providing health advice and promoting healthy eating
  • Advising about special diets as  per the client requirement
  • Develop meal plans, taking both cost and clients' preferences into account
  • Evaluate the effects of meal plans and change the plans as needed
  • Studying how diet affects metabolism
  • Educating health professionals and the public about nutrition
  • Researching how the body's functions are affected by nutrient supply
  • Keep up with the latest nutritional science research

Skills - An aspiring nutritionist should have the following skills:
  • Should have strong communication skills
  • Should be able to inspire and motivate people
  • Time management skills
  • Should be an active listener
  • Should be good at biology, physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, psychology and cooking
  • A non-judgemental attitude
  • Good knowledge of the impact of diet on health
  • The ability to work as a part of a team and with other professionals


Bachelor degree in nutrition or food technology is must to enter in this field. One should pass the entrance exam for these courses and the eligibility for the exam is 10+2.
A postgraduate qualification in nutrition can be helpful and is essential for candidates without a suitable first degree in nutrition or dietetics.

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Who should choose this career

If you love to help others and want to make a positive impact in others life than it is a perfect career for you to fulfil your ambitions.

How to be there?

To become a nutritionist it is necessary to gain a degree in nutritional science, dietetics, or food science; or alternatively a life science degree that incorporates human physiology and biochemistry. A postgraduate qualification in nutrition can be helpful and is essential for candidates without a suitable first degree in nutrition or dietetics.

Work Hours

Working hours depend on the institution one is working with like in school, hospital or fitness centre. If you are doing private practice, then you decide your working hours.


Remuneration in this profession depends on the job and the area of work. At beginning lever one can earn 10,000 to 20,000, at mid level of experience it can be 20,000 to 30,000 and a high experienced person can get 40,000+.
But it all depends on the organization you working like it will be different in government hospitals and organization, then the private or five-star hospitals and fitness club centres.


Hospitals have always been one of the highest employers of the nutritionist. The other avenues for a bright career in this field are fitness centres, spas, health clubs, colleges, nursing care facilities, canteens, hotels, government organization, Teaching, Medical Nutritional Companies, sports clubs etc. One can also work as consultants or do private practice. Depending on their level of education, nutritionists can be in high demand in food and health-related businesses.
As the healthcare sector is expanding and will be one of the most growing fields in coming years, the demand for nutritionist will be grown in a similar ratio.


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