Top 10 questions to ask to interviewer

Top 10 questions to ask to interviewer

"Do you have any question for us?" In most of the company interviews, this is the last question asked by the interviewer during interview.  This is your turn to ask questions.
Yes, you heard it right; you can also ask questions to interviewer. During the interview the interviewer asks questions to know if the candidate is fit for the job and company or not? So in this session, you got the chance to know if the company and job fit for you or not? It means you have to go with a list of such questions that let you know about the company and also keep you ahead in the list of candidates.

Here we are providing a list of top 10 questions that can be asked during the interview. But don't ask all these, prepare your own list based on the job and the information you already have.

1. What's the most important thing you would like to see me accomplish in 30/60 days of the job?
The answer to this will let you know about the kind of performance they expect from the candidate and the kind of challenges you'll face in the beginning of your job. This also left an impression that you are thinking ahead and ready to do the best for the company.

2. Can you let me know about the team I'll be working with?
This will present you as a team player. The answer will also give you a chance to know about the team member you will work with or you'll work independently.

3. Can you tell about the day to day responsibilities of this job?
This will let you know about the responsibilities in detail of this post and help you in making the decision if this is the right job for you? By knowing the day to day tasks in detail you will also come to know about the specific skills that required for this job.

4. What is the typical career path for the person in this job?
The answer to this will let you know about the chances of your promotion in the company. You also get a chance to know about the company policies for promotions.

5. What you like most about the company?
This will let the interviewer share his / her feelings and experience with you. By this you can come to know how satisfied people in this company and you can decide if this is a fit for you or not?

6. Can you tell about the company working culture?
Once you come to know about the company working culture you can decide if this is the organization you are looking for or not? 

7. Where you see the company in the next 5 years?
This is important if you are planning to stay longer in the organization. This will help you in making a decision if you can stay longer there or will have to change soon.

8. What company does to keep the employee stay longer?
This will let you know about how the company values its employees. 

9. What is the criteria company use to judge the employees' performance?
This will let you know about the areas you have to work to get success and promotion in the company. 

10. What is the next step in the process?
 This should be the last question. Ask this to know what the next step of this interview process is so that you can prepare yourself in advance.

Remember, the interviewer takes this section also to judge the candidate. So don't ask any question that answer you can easily get from any other resource like from job description, company website etc. 

Ask such type of questions that shows that you are really interested in this job and serious to work with the company. This will make your candidacy strong and keep you ahead from other candidates.


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Vikram Sheoran - Tue 29 Dec 2015

I always had this question in my mind what all questions a candidate can ask?. And If I get a chance to ask the question to interviewer, although did not get a chance so far. When I was going through this article I certainly now have few questions in my mind for the interviewer. Many thanks to Author. Cheers

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