How to choose the right career?

How to choose the right career?

Choosing a right career is not an easy task. It gets more difficult when you don't have any idea about what you want. But a little hard work, planning and a serious self assessment can help you in getting on right career path. There are many things or factors that will impact your decision. Following steps will explain you, how you can take a right decision for your career:

1. Know yourself  or Self Assessment:
Knowing yourself or self assessment is the first step in making a better decision toward your career. It includes:

Think about your dream career:
What you dream about? What you want to be? If you have any dream career then think about to turn it into reality. But pursuing for a dream career is not so easy because only having a dream can't make it a career. You have to consider about what it takes to become what you dream about? What skills, qualification you required?  Like if your dream career is a doctor then you need to do medical study and that need time and money both. So you have to consider if you have time and money or not? It may be not your best career choice but it will give you insight into what you should do?

Analyse your skills:
Consider your skills in which you think you can give your best. Choosing a career related to your existing skills will make it easy and enjoyable for you. While analyzing your skills, think about:

>> The subject that you are excellent in school. If you like math or accounting then you can join banking or finance sector. Those who excel chemistry can choose lab technician or pharmacist as a career. If you enjoy painting then you can become a designer. So like that, each subject can lead you toward a career.
>> If your skills lie in cooking then you can convert it into a career too. 
>> If you are good in communication and interact other people then you can find a good career in marketing.
>> If you like to help other and enjoy this then you can become a nurse or an assistant in any field.

Analyze your hobbies:
Your hobbies can also be turned into a career like:

>> If your hobby is cooking then you can become a chef.
>> If your hobby is playing game then you can become a game developer or tester.
>> If your hobby is to decorating things then you can become an interior designer.
>> If your hobby is to play any sports like cricket or football then you can choose a career in sports too like Commentator, Referee or Sport Journalist.

What you love:
>> If you love writing then you can become a writer or journalist etc.
>> If you love music then you can consider a RJVJ or DJ as a career option.
>> If you love acting then you can become an actor.

2. Consider your qualification:
You need to consider you qualification also in choosing a right career. You need to consider if your current education is enough to pursue the selected career or any other course or degree required for that. Some career required specific courses and that needed time and money both. So are you ready to go for further study for your dream career? 

3. Consider your financial positions and needs:
Your financial position also impacts your decision like if you choose a career that needs further study but you can't afford the expenses of that study then you have to reconsider your decision. Sometime you don't have time too to go for your dream career because your family need financial help and for that you need any job immediately. So, before making any decision you have to consider your and your family needs and financial position.

4. Think about the lifestyle you want to live:
A career is not related to do work and earn money only. Your career decides your lifestyle also. So you need to think about what kind of lifestyle you want to live? Choose a career that helps you to live your dream lifestyle.

5. Take help of expert:
If you are confused and don't understand what to do. If you are not able to take any decision then take help of experts. But an expert can only help you in self assessment and guide you but the final decision will be yours. 
You can also discuss this with your friend or family member who you thing can help you in this or who you think is have better understanding of all these things. But everyone will surely tell you one thing "Follow your passion".

6. Make decision:
After considering all the things choose a career to start. Never seek a perfect decision, sometimes what looking perfect now can be worse later. Simply find a career that suits you and go for it. If later you found it is not good for you then change it.  Now that time gone when people get graduate, get a job and spend life time by doing the same job. Now if you check on any professional website, you found people changes their career often.

7. Go for it:
So finally, you have decided what you have to do. Now prepare yourself for it and don't stop until you reach there

Don't think too much about your decision, because too much thinking makes decision weak. If you think "what if the career you choose is not appropriate for you?" There is no problem; you can change it in future. Just you need to start somewhere because until you start, you won't come to know if the career is right for you or not?. 


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