5 different kinds of career options you might dont know

5 different kinds of career options you might dont know

Teaching, engineering, doctor, banking and sales, etc., there is a long list of such career fields and career opportunities that you know about. But, here in this article, we are going to tell you some different kinds of career options that you might not hear about.

1. Perfumer or fragrance chemist
A perfumer or fragrance chemist is an expert who creates perfume compositions and flavouring. It is one of the most challenging professions in the Flavours and Fragrances industry.  A perfumer must have a keen knowledge of a large variety of fragrance ingredients and their smells, and be able to distinguish each of the fragrance ingredients whether alone or in combination with other fragrances. A perfumer's main job is to research and experimenting with different types of scents. They develop formulas to produce different smells not only in perfumes; they also add fragrance to everything from automobile air fresheners to antiperspirants, cleaning, laundry & personal-care products etc.

2. Museum Curator
A museum curator is someone who oversees the museum collections. His/her main job is to oversee and manage the museum exhibits, acquiring new items for the museum, managing their safe transport and oversee the setup. Curator often represents the museum and its pieces to the public as well. As a Museum Curator, one should have knowledge of all items available in the museum, for which he/she needs to do lots of research and prepare documents also. Large Museums often have many different positions with different role and responsibilities. 

3. Tea Testing
Tea tasting is an art and the main job of a tea taster is to taste the teas and give the expert advice on the various ways in which the tea can be brewed to achieve a particular taste.  Taste of different flavours is tested by the tea taster and brands the varieties depending on the qualities. The job of tea taster is ensuring the quality standards and prepares the blends. Tea tasting is a highly specialized area and it is not something that one can learn through any course but one can only specialize in this profession via trial and error method and regular practice.

4. Image Consultant
Image consultant helps people in making or updating their professional or personal appearance. Your appearance like the way you dress, the ways you talk and behave with others make an impression. An image consultant's job is to assess and evaluate the client, make recommendations to make a good image according to his/her professional and personal life. The image consultants work on the look, hair, makeup, body language, etiquette, communication skills and behavior of their clients.

5. Wildlife photographer 
Wildlife photographer takes the picture of wild animals in their natural surroundings. It is very challenging form of photography. Some photographers are opportunists, meaning that they take photograph of any animal comes in their way or some are a little bit more particular and like to take photograph of particular species. One who wants to be a wildlife photographer must be passionate about photography, love animals and love to travel. It required physical fitness as one need to travel a lot and travel in wild areas. You must know the behavior of different animals to track them and get their photographs in natural habitat.


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