How to prepare for campus interview?

How to prepare for campus interview?

Campus interview is the program conducted by the educational institutes to provide jobs to students pursuing or in the stage of completing the course. Each academic year there are hundreds of organizations visiting campus to conduct on-campus interviews for full-time entry level positions and internship opportunities. 

This is an opportunity for the final year students to grad the job before they complete their education. The competition is less and chances are more to succeed if you prepared well for the interview. So as soon as someone enter the final year of their education, should start the preparation for the campus interview also.

The following are some useful tips for students to prepare for their campus interview: 

1. Prepare a resume
You must have a well-structured and formatted resume that must highlight your skills, your academic achievements and your extra-curricular activities. The resume must be short and should not go beyond two pages. Put things in bulleted list format and explain in detail during the interview if required. Most important, try to prepare a separate resume for each interview based on the company and the position for which they are seeking the candidates. Also, double check the grammar and spelling errors.

2. Research about the companies
You must do research about the companies The type of company, the job offered and the interview process. It'll help you in preparing for the interview. Visit the company website to know about company, search on linkedin about the company and read reviews of the companies on websites like glassdoor.

3. Work on your basics
You must prepare for the subjects studied during the course as the interviewers will test your knowledge about them. So get your basics clear and you should have a strong grip on your domain. It's will show that you are ready to implement what you learn and apart from that a learning attitude is always appreciable.

4. Dress code and body language
How you present yourself in the interview is also matter along with your skills and knowledge. So mind your body language during the interview. A strong handshake with a smile on face, your sitting posture will tell a lot. A formal dress is always recommended for the interview. But do some research about the company and what kind of dress code they prefer in the office. A dress code accordingly is always appreciable and have positive impact too.

5. Practice and Prepare
A little practice will really be a confidence booster. So practice mock interview with your friend or any family member or teacher. Try to know about the kind of question to be asked, your college career counseling department can help you in this or check on the websites like glassdoor etc. Practice group discussion with other batch mates. 

6. Be Confident
Confidence is the key to success. Stay calm, listen each question carefully, ask again if any confusion and then answer. Maintaining eye contact is a sign of fearlessness and confidence.

7. Avoid back-to-back interviews
If you are sitting for many interviews then it's always preferred to avoid back-to-back interviews. Get some time to relax and prepare for next interview.

8. What's your weakness
Interviewers generally ask your strengths and weaknesses at the interview. You may have many weaknesses but it's not the right place to reveal all of them here.  Show those weaknesses which seem good to be harvested. Choose a weakness you want to talk about.

9. Ask Questions
When you get an opportunity to ask a question at the interview, ask the questions. Ask about the company growth and the future plans. Ask about the working environment, the other facilities company offers for employ growth etc.

10. Common mistakes to avoid:
> Don't be late. Try to reach some time before so you can get some time to relax.
> Don't forget to bring your resume.


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