Top MBA specializations and career options

Top MBA specializations and career options

MBA is one among the most popular courses today and it has many options available. Here we are providing some top MBA specializations and the career options after that. Hope it will help you in making a right decision.

1. Finance: 
Finance is one of the most popular specializations of MBA in India. The students who pursue this, gain the business and financial skills that needed to work in different enterprises. 
There are many job opportunities available for students in the public as well as private sector. One can get a job in banking or non-banking sector, private organizations, stock market, finance ministry and related organizations. 

Some of the key roles are: 
Financial manager/analyst, credit analyst, accounting manager, risk and insurance manager, treasurer, finance manager, cash manager, chief financial officer, VP (finance), and finance director.

2. Marketing: 
MBA in Marketing has become one of the most desired degrees by both students and employers in recent years. MBA in Marketing provides vast learning which helps students to become better future marketing managers and ace in this field. 
In today's competitive business world, all companies require a skillful marketer hence increasing the demand for MBA graduates with a specialization in Marketing. There are lots of career opportunities available in public and private sector.  

Some of the key roles are: 
Brand manager, sales manager, marketing manager, product manager, market research analyst, media planner, and internet marketing manager.

3. Human Resource Management
MBA in HR Management will equip you with the knowledge to manage human resources in a way which leads to the success of a company. MBA in HR will not only focus on Human Resource Management topics but also cover Economics, Finance, General Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Production, Operation and Decision Sciences and Strategic Management.

Some of the key roles are: 
HR Manager, compensation Manger, Manager of Employee Relations, Technical Recruiter, Director of Staff, Placement Manager, Training and Relations Manager, Organisational Consultant and more.

4. International Business:
MBA in International Business is a postgraduate programme which is designed to develop the resources and capability of managers in the global economy.  It offers ample scope for career in international & transnational corporations. 

Some of the key roles are: 
Consultant, Foreign Exchange Trader, Foreign Service Officer, Trade Specialist, Import/Export Coordinator, Public Relations Specialist, Advertising Executive , International Finance Manager, Global Business Manager, International Business Development Manager etc.

5. Operations Management
Operations form an integral part in the function of an organization and hence MBA in Operations Management is considered a valuable degree. Operations Management is chiefly concerned with the planning, organizing and supervising aspects of production and manufacturing.

Some of the key job industries are: 
Construction, consulting firms, financial institutions, hospitality, manufacturing & retail, inventory, e-commerce, warehousing etc.

6. Information Technology
MBA in IT Management provides IT professionals with the cross-disciplinary exposure that they need to effectively use technology in various organizations. Students will gain the technical knowledge with management knowledge.

Some of the key roles are:
Project Management, Cross Platform Communications, Strategy and Planning, Product Management, Product and Corporate Marketing, data processing manager, IT manager/consultant etc.

7. Hospitality Management
Hospitality is a field of servicing the guests with the positive attitude and customer service skills. The hospitality sector is categorized and divided as per the skills required in various departments such as accommodation, food & beverage, meeting & events, gaming & entertainment, tourism services, and visitor information. 

Some of the key roles are: 
Restaurant Manager, Operation Head, Store Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, Front Office executive etc.

8. Retail Management
Retail management deals with three domains - brick and mortar retailing, online retailing and omnichannel retailing as a career path for management students. Retail Management deals with a number of sub-fields covering store management, commodities, sales markets, market segments, diversification of businesses, advertising and campaigning, marketing research and even e-business.

Career options:
Career options available in sales markets, business diversification, campaigning, advertising, market research and market segmentation.

9. Hotel Management
Hotel Management is an exciting profession. The degree holder can get placed at some of the top hotel chains in India or abroad.

Job opportunities:
Successful post graduates get placed in Hotels and Restaurants, Tourism industry, catering services, food craft institutes, airline industry, multinational companies, housekeeping etc.

10. Supply Chain Management:
MBA in Supply chain management designed to study the entire process of the product cycle from collecting raw material to delivering the final product to market. It covers the topics such as Trade Operations, Commercial Geography, Liner Industry, Operational Strategic & Implementation issues in Supply Chain Performance Metrics & Modelling, Logistics Management and recent SCM trends.

Job Opportunities:
There are lots of career options available after this course, especially in the field of planning and policy making, motivation, evaluation, product development and inventory control.


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thanx for shairing such an informative blog .

priyadarshini - Thu 27 Sep 2018

I was looking forward to build a carrier in mba business management field,your blog help me a lot in that way,like selecting branch and carrier opportunity in that.Thanks for this information,keep sharing more,visit:

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