Top career options for women in India

Top career options for women in India

Today, women are not behind in any profession. They are marking their presence in every field and proving themselves. There are plenty of opportunities are available today for women in both public and private sectors. The demand for women employees is getting increase day by day as they are considered more hard working and dedicated than men.

But still there are some areas which are considered best for women and some of them are totally women dominated. Here we are listing some of the top career options for women in India.

Teaching is always considered as the best career options for women. Teaching is a very noble and respectful profession. Teaching is a challenging but very rewarding profession, with teachers playing an essential part in helping children and young people to acquire and develop the knowledge and skills they will need in later life. Nowadays the pay is also getting higher in this profession. As the education sector is growing so the demand of the professionals.

Doctor [Gynaecologist or psychologist]
Women can become doctors with any specialization, but gynecologist is one area in medicine where people preferred to have female always. This is a very respectful profession as people look the doctor as a god who heals their wounds and saves their life. It's a profession, which dedicates itself to the selfless service of the society without there being any constraints of time, place, or situation.

It is One of the top professions that suits a lady more than any other profession.  Nursing is almost women dominated area. If you go into any hospital or clinic, most of the nurses will be female. One can earn good money also. It includes a little bit struggles in the beginning. It is also considered as a safe and respected profession for women. 

Air Hostess
It is another woman dominated profession, as most of the airlines preferred to hire women for this. This is a very promising career option and more and more Indian women are looking forward to being an air hostess. This profession is attracting more and more ladies nowadays as it does not only provide a good income but also gives chance to travel to different places.

This is another area where women professionals are more in demand. As the awareness of fitness and beauty is increasing, more being getting attracted to this field. If you see, most of the beauty parlors are run by the women professionals. A person whose job is to give beauty treatments to women by washing as well as cutting and styling hair, applying makeup, etc. In the beauty industry, there is a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

Once one get experience in this field and earned a name in the area, then the income is also very good.  One needs to do specific courses to pursue this career and after course completion, it is necessary to work under an already settled profession to gain experience.

Fashion Designing
Fashion is becoming an important part of everyone's life today. This field is particularly meant for creative women who like to get engaged in creativity. The designing field in India is really a very broad field as it involves apparel designing, jewelry designing, etc. This field has name, fame and money, so more people getting attracted towards this. But one needs to do lots of hard work to get established in this field. 

Well, there is no need to say anything about these. The fashion and entertainment industry is growing day by day so the demand of professional. It includes name, fame, and money both, but lots of hard work and struggles too. It's not easy to make a mark in modeling or acting. Sometimes it takes years to get established, but still, it attracts more and more youngster. 

HR Manager
Human resources are the most valuable and unique assets of an organization today, no matter the area/industry. Most of the organization prefers to hire a female for this post. To become an HR manager, you require a master's degree in human resource management or industrial relations.

Journalism is the act of gathering and presenting news and information in the form of news on television, broadcast on the radio, etc. As the media industry is growing so the demand of professionals. Though it is very challenging, adventurous and a little bit risky too, still women are being more attracted to this field. 

These are few fields which are considered as best of women for various reasons. There are many other areas where the presence of women professionals is increasing and accepted like 
Event Planner
Business Executive 


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Aswathi - Thu 31 May 2018

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