Tips to make an impressive resume for freshers

Tips to make an impressive resume for freshers

Your resume is your first thing that your prospective employer will see and it makes your first impression on the prospective employer. Having a good resume will help you in grabbing your dream job. But you are a fresher; you have no idea about writing resume. No worry, here we providing some tips that will help you to make an impressive resume that help you to make a positive impression on your prospective employer.

1. Begin with name and contact details:
Start your resume with your name and contact details on top. You can put your address also if you want but mobile number, email ID and any alternate number if any is must.

2. Put a realistic career objective:
Career objective defines the kind of job you are looking for and your future career plan. Never put a career objective like "Looking for a good job in a good company". Make it realistic and put the objective that also matched with the job you are applying for. Like if you are applying job in an IT company then it may be "Looking for a challenging and responsible opportunity in an IT company where I can use my existing skills and strength to meet company expectations and learn new skills".

3. Educational Qualification:
As you are a fresher, your main focus should be on your education details. Put all your education details with the result and passed year so that employer can know about your learning skills. Any other certification if you did, any internship or seminar if you attend, mention all these in this section. 

4. Mention your skills:
It is the most important part of your resume. Put detail of all your skills. Keep the skills that are related to the job on top and highlight them so that the employer can view them in no time. These skills will impress employer and take you to next level in the hiring process.

5. Special achievements:
if you have any special achievement, won any award then mention this also in your resume.

6. Not too short, Not too long:
Keep your resume as short as possible. Try to keep it limited till one page but it should never be more than two pages.

7. Keep it clean:
Write your resume using a simple and basic font and use appropriate font size. Never use fancy fonts. Keep it clean and clear.

8. No spelling or grammar mistake:
A resume with spelling and grammar mistakes is a total disaster. So always check the spelling and grammar mistakes before printing. Use proper tools to check and check it twice for sure.

9. Extra-curricular activities:
If you were part of any extra-curricular activities then mention these also in resume.

10. Photo on resume:
there is no hard and fast rule to add or not to add photo on resume. If you want then you can add your photo also. But it should be passport size.

11. Other details:
Add a section for other details like languages known, hobbies, interests and other positive points in brief.

12. Read it double before print:
Read the resume double for assurance before print. Verify if all required information is there and no irrelevant information added.


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