Why your resume gets rejected?

Why your resume gets rejected?

You are looking for a job and applied for many openings. You send resume at every opening, whichever you think is relevant to what you are looking for.  But unfortunately, you are not getting any interview call.  There can be many reasons that your resume not working and gets rejected most of the time. 

Here we are listing some of them:
1.   It's too long 
               Nobody has time to go through a too long resume. It's preferred that a resume should not be more than 3 pages. Try to keep your resume limited to 2-3 pages.

2.   It's too short
               Keep resume short doesn't mean you keep it too short. Your resume should contain all required information that an employer needs to know.

3.   It's irrelevant
               Every job has different requirements, but you use a generic resume for all applications. You should carefully go through the job requirements and update your resume accordingly. Keep the relevant skills and experience on top and other later if you have enough space. To do so, prepare a master resume and then make changes in the copy of the master resume for each application before sending.

4.   Typing mistakes
               Typing mistakes in resume is not acceptable. It's show that you are not serious and didn't do the proper proof reading before sending the resume. So if you can't be serious about the resume preparation, then how can you be serious about anything else.

5.   Used more paragraphs instead of bullet list
                Everything should not be in paragraph format like job & duties, accomplishments, skills, etc. should be in bullet list and short format instead of paragraphs.

6.   Missing the accomplishments
               You mentioned your job responsibilities, but forgot to mention your accomplishments. Nowadays, nobody is interested in knowing your responsibilities, but they want to know about your accomplishment. 

7.   Incomplete employer information
               You mentioned the previous employer's name but not the period. Everybody wants to know if you are a stable person or not? So always mention the work period with the employer name.

8.   Not so good online reputation
               Nowadays, each employer has gone through your online profiles also. They search what are you doing and what your reputation on google, facebook or linkedin, etc. A smile image on your profile picture instead of your own image will left a negative impact.

9.   You still have objective in resume
               Writing objective is an old fashioned or only for fresher. If you are an experience holder person then use the career summary instead of an objective.

10.  Inappropriate email address
               If your email ID is like funnybunny@____.com or loveme@___.in etc. it's also a bad impression. So always use an email with your name for professional purpose, for personal you can make anything.

So, fix your resume, give it a professional look and start searching again. You definitely got your dream job.
Best of Luck  


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