5 ways to find complete information about any company

5 ways to find complete information about any company

Research about the company before the interview is one advice given by every career expert. Now the question is where to find everything about any company? Well, "company website" will be the answer first come to mind, but the website will not give you all information. Most important, negative about the company will not be there.

So here we are providing a list of resources where you can find all information about companies:

1. Company website
A company website is the first place that everyone should visit to get information. Visit "About Us", "Products and Services", "Mission Statement" etc. pages on the website. You should also go on "News & Updates" to know recent events happened and any other news on the company. Some websites also have Blog and employee related pages also , if yes, visit them also.

2. Social Media
Another good tool is social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin, etc. Nowadays every company is available on social media, especially on Linkedin as it is a platform for professionals. So you can search on linked and read about the company.

3. Companies review websites
There are many websites available which provides reviews about the companies. Like glassdoor, jobbuzz etc. The review on these websites provided by the company's current or ex employees. You can find about company, interview process, work environment and salary reviews. 

4. Search on Google, Bing and YouTube
Do a search on Google, Bing or YouTube about the company. Use different keywords to find positive and negative information. You can find information about customers, positive or negative feedback, legal activities against the company (if any) etc.

5. Connect to employees
Linkedin is the best place to find out the current and ex employees of any company. You can connect to them through email, phone or leave a message on Linkedin itself. Ask questions about company, working environment and management etc.

If you still think, you didn't get enough information or still any question unanswered then you can directly call to the HR Manager and ask or you can prepare a list of your questions and ask the interviewer.


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