How to make a choice between two job offers?

How to make a choice between two job offers?

You were trying hard to find a good job for yourself and finally the day comes when you got not one but two job offers. Wow! It's a great day for you as your hard work is finally paying off. But, wait the tough job is left yet, choosing one between these two offers.

Yes, it is a tough job and you need to finish it ASAP.  So here we are providing a few tips that will help you in making a right decision:

1. Listen to your inner voice: Keep calm and just listen to your inner voice. It never lies to you; if it gives you any strong positive or negative feelings about these offers then don't ignore it. Make a choice and we are very sure that you'll never regret on your decision. 
As Steve Jobs said "Have courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become."

If your inner voice is also confusing you and you couldn't make any decision, then follow the following steps:

2. Make a list of your priorities: The first thing you need to do is make a list of your priorities. What is more important for you the salary, gaining experience in a reputed company, acquiring new skills, work-life balance etc. This list of priorities will help you in comparing the job offers and choosing one that is best for you.

3. The salary: The salary is always on the first priority, but never judge a company based on a higher package.  Also consider the other perks and facilities offered by the company. You may regret on your decision in the future if it's only based on the money factor.

4. What company does for employee growth: Dig more about the company and find out does the company do anything extra for employee's growth prospective or not? Does the company care about employees issue or not? Sometimes a company pays you high, but the other perks and facilities are missing from company agenda.

5.Work culture in the company:  What is the work culture of the company? Is the management helpful? Do you think you can fit in this environment? If not, then you'll not be happy at your job and if you'll not happy then you'll not go to perform at your best.

6. Future prospects: You also keep in mind about your future plans. What kind of career you want after 3 or 5 years? And see which job can help you with this. Will you be given opportunities to build on your skills and take on stretch assignments? 

Take help of expert:
If you are still confused not able to decide then take help of experts, or discuss with your friend or any other close to you who has experience and you think he/she can help you in this.
Don't take too much time to make the decision. Make a decision, accept one and down the other offer ASAP.


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