First Interview - your first step toward your dream career

First Interview - your first step toward your dream career

Your first interview, you feel nervous, off course, anybody would be. But on the other hand, you are hoping for success also. To get success in first interview or to come over or to reduce the nervousness of interview, you need to prepare well yourself.

Here we are providing some tips that will help you to prepare for your first interview.

11 Tips for first interview:

1. Know about the company:

First of all, you need to do some research about the company. It would help you to know about the company operations, products, services etc. This information will help you to answer any question related to the company. You can find out lots of information online, start with the company website.
2. Know about yourself:
One question you may face during interview would be: Tell us something about yourself. So know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses etc.
3. Know about the job:
Do the research about the job you are applying for.  Why should we hire you for this job?. This is the one question you may face. To know about the job, will help you to answer this.
4. Make an impressive resume:
Your resume is the first thing that interviewer will see and try to understand you. So try to make an impressive resume. Never put extra and irrelevant information. Take the help of experts.
5. Practice as more as you can:
Practice makes man perfect. Make a list of interview questions and practice them with friends or parent or in front of mirror.
6. Dress appropriately:
You need to dress well for the interview. Try to know, if there is any dress code in the company and dress accordingly otherwise wear a formal look.
7. Be on time:
Make sure to reach there before the time. Leave early from home so that if stuck in traffic or you stuck in way by any reason then you have time in hand. If you go late, it will give a wrong message to the employer. Arriving early will give you time to relax also.  
8. Start well and End well:
When entered in room, seek permission; shake hand well with a smile. When its done, leave after thank you interviewer with a smile.
9. Clarify anything if you are not sure:
If any question is not clear then do not try to answer with your assumptions but ask the interviewer again and clear the doubt.
10. Take your time to answer:
Never answer in hurry, take your time, think and answer but never take too much time to answer. Understand the question first and then answer.
11. Be confident:
Be confident while answering any question and try not to look nervous and confuse.
We hope these tips will help you in your first interview preparations. 


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